Tuesday, May 15, 2012

R is for Rhythm

Unlike the letter "Q" of last week's ABC Wednesday post, the letter "R" for this week did not rush to bring a word to mind.  Several words rumbled aimlessly around, and only yesterday, did Rhythm become the one that remained resolutely at the top of the list.  Not surprising, given that my career teaching the rudiments of music has been a resonating part of my life for just about as long as I can remember.  I looked up a few meanings of the word, and finally settled on a personalized definition: Rhythm is the regular recurrence of strong and weak elements in nature and in manmade phenomena.

Here are some of the ways I saw Rhythm in my daily life this past week:
(all photos except the one of the sibling heron chicks were taken this week)

1. A heron fishing
relish the (poor) victim 
fly to new spot.. begin ritual again

2. A Cormorant pulling a root from the depths of False Creek
reach for the root 
 really try to retrieve it
 repeat effort many times
 return to nest with reward

3. Blossoms growing
strong and weak..  
 accents of colour
rise to the light
and respond to the sun
find a rank, all in a row
 reawaken the remembrance of a childhood aroma
4. Black Jack
rock and roll in reckless abandon 
twitch nose to locate the source of a reverberating buzz in the bushes

5. The ritual of Springtime
a romantic song 
roam a route to reproduce and multiply 
review ideal nesting spots
reveal one's hidden beauty
 rest on top of the world
 show off one's radiance
one's energy
retreat for the honeymoon
rule the nest for a better chance of survival
respond to the family's.. 
every requirement

6. Rhythm in movement
steady march forward
 until the enemy (Black Jack) retreats
 rotate food store to the back of the pouch
 rest and relax between rolling along
and reach
 sway to and fro..
 in a gentle breeze.

7. Rhythm of the human body's dance and a photographer's attempt to record the moment
Warren, my talented fitness instructor,
now embarking on a new role..
as a dance instructor..
with a cruise ship company.  All the best, Warren!
A cyclist repeating..
 his routines..
 over and over..
 with relentless and rugged..
A skateboarder's working relationship with her photographer
 Another skateboarder with videographer.. 
 rolling along behind him.
 And yet another photographer risking life and limb..
 to record..
 his friend's..
rollicking rhythm. 
 Two more skateboarders..
 rotating and recovering.
 A cyclist: Ready..
 rounding the edge..
 and miraculously (in my view) returning!

8. Rhythm of architectural design
Sun Yat-Sen Gardens, a place to let your internal rhythms slow down
 The Sun Tower..
 and it's winding fire escape
 Victory Square with The Dominion Building behind it.
Vancouver's Central Library
 This fine example of rolling elegance passed by and couldn't be resisted as the final entry in my set of masterpieces of architectural rhythm and design :)

9. Rhythm of music:
Seen by the seawall.  There are many drum circles around.. 
but if you ever come across these fellows, do stop and stay awhile.
Their rhythms are complex, well rehearsed and worthy of great respect!
A saxophonist whose mellow jazz reached my ears and held my attention.
I think he said his name was Ian Shaw.  More info later if I can find it.
His rhythms and melodies caught the lazy feel of a hot summer's day.. 
and rolled respectfully right into the radical radiance.

Thank you to all the birds (and one insect), flowers, animals and humans who helped me show the rhythm of life in my week.  For more R words and ideas, don't forget to check out the wonderful ABC Wednesday site.  


  1. What a lot of great shots - I think my favorites are the birds. Especially that heron!

  2. Carol, Your grade for this fantastic post would be off the charts … musically speaking! It took a lot of creative thinking to illustrate with words and through pictures the rhythm that is all around us in everyday life. There are simply too many great captures to pick from but I do love the action shots. How clearly you have shown that we move to the beat of much more than sound in an animated world. :)

  3. Wow! Can tell you're a cyclist -you persevere to the end! All stunning photos too! My favorites are the heron and the pale pink tulips.

  4. that bird, and that bicyclist, can shake rattle and roll.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  5. A fabulous post. Some utterly amazing photos!

  6. love the heron shots!! so clear and nice.

  7. Oh my gosh that's a lot of "R"s...they may not have rushed out to you, but you found some wonderful ones when you went hunting. I think the inquisitive, bright-eyed raccoon is my favorite photo, although it's hard to pick. Sallie "R"

  8. Carol, beautiful post. Your bird pictures are as always amazing but I also really like the action shots that you have been doing. Thank you for sharing the rhythm of the season.

  9. You picked the rhythm in all sorts of intances. I love the herron and her determination. Thanks for your comment on my post today.

  10. Oh wow, stunning captures.

    R is for RED, come and see.
    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

  11. Wow-what a stellar lineup of images! And you were saying that nothing came to mind at first?!
    Hard act to follow.

  12. You showed rhythm in all its form and shapes ! your photos are brilliant. Thanks for sharing them. Do you have enough photos left to show next week? Have a great week!

  13. Fantastic post for R day. I loved seeing the birds and other nature shots and the rhythm of the people and architecture were also great choices. Carver ABC-Wed. Team

  14. Wow ! you took all available R words, lol. These pictures of the fishing heron are great !
    ABC Team

  15. What a wonderful collection! I love these image so much. The row of bleeding hearts is so lovely. And even a black squirrel - I've never seen one before!

  16. I love how you capture the energy of city life - the birds and animals who find quiet spots of beauty to call home and seek sustenance, and the humans who recreate in never-ending rhythms. Wonderful post!

  17. Thanks for visiting Carol. I am now your blog's follower.

  18. Really, you are a wonderful photographer and writer! And a rare friend! :) Phyllis

  19. Dear Carol,
    WOW!! How do I pick my favorite?? Great pics of course but the one with the dog on his back got my smile. Thanks for sharing my friend.

  20. what a great post - full of rythm :)

  21. Wonderful post! Definitely lots of rhythm here!