Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Blues and Hues in Our World

I'm joining up with Sally's Blue Monday meme and also with Our World Tuesday to record some events over the past few days.  Thank you to Sally, and to Arija, Gattina, Lady Fi, Sylvia, Sandy and Jennifer, all of whom keep these fine memes running successfully. 

This mural is in the courtyard of the Firehall Arts centre where we enjoyed a play reading and some dances on Saturday evening (previous post).  It was completed in 2013 as part of Vancouver's Year of Reconciliation project and brings together elements of Aboriginal, Chinese and Japanese history in this city. You can read its story here.
I loved the entire mural, but this blue heron especially caught my eye.

Water and sky and flowers kept the blue theme going through a good part of our bike ride on Sunday to Sun Yat-Sen Gardens.  We stopped just past the Cambie Bridge to admire this Canada Goose family.  You may think there are six goslings..
but count again.  
They swam through various shades of blue.  I loved the way the parents herded them..
together here.  The little ones even turned to sort of face my camera.
I liked the ripply blue background in this shot. 
And then they left for the other side of False Creek.  I hope their voyage was a safe one.
Bill noticed these Inukshuks at the water's edge.  Does anyone see a profile of Snoopy?  
We biked to Sun Yat-Sen Gardens after that.  Black Jack remembered that there were Koi in the pond, and she was out of her mind trying to find them! 
Bill looked after her while I played with my camera.  He had quite a job on his hands.  I like his reflection in this shot and did you see the Koi?
Black Jack led him quite a chase.
She really wanted a closer look..
at the Koi and he did his best to accommodate her.
Phew!  Exhausting work to keep up with her.  Picking her up was sometimes the only way to convince her to mellow out for a bit.
I enjoyed seeing the Koi too..
as well as some of the textures of the rocks,
and structures.
The Koi seemed as interested..
in Black Jack as she was in them.
Several times, they made a point of..
When they swam under the bridge, 
Black Jack would have loved to follow them.  Sorry, kiddo!  Both Bill and I wondered what would have happened, had we allowed her the freedom to do as she wished.
Bill carried her back to our bikes as she had no desire to leave the gardens.
Even as he prepared her basket, she stared longingly back to the source of her excitement.
Fortunately, she does like her bike rides.  I suspect she was anticipating a treat here.
Later that evening, I took some time to admire the flowers..
in David Lam Park.
There were lots of beautiful..
all about us.  The setting sun and the waters of False Creek..
kept me entertained for quite some time.
On Monday, the weather was so lovely that Bill and I went out for two walks.  Tupper came to visit us.  I'm worried about her.  
We didn't see her for a couple of days, and then, on Sunday, I noticed she was limping.  I took photos, hoping to find the source of the problem in her left foot/leg. 
Bill fed her more of Black Jack's food than usual (salmon based).   
She ate well and seems to be flying okay.  For those of you who haven't met her, I've named her Tupper because of her upward-pointing tail.  She eats out of our hands sometimes and we both care a great deal about her.
 Just in case any reader has suggestions, I've put a couple of other photos here.
 I'm still hoping she will heal, or that she may agree to rest on our balcony if things get worse.
A couple of flowers at the side of the street yesterday..
were too beautiful to pass by without taking a photo as we walked to the bank. 
This butterfly (moth?) was in a garden that we often walk through on the way for afternoon lattés and treats. One site calls it a Mourning Cloak (Nymphalis antiopa) butterfly. Perhaps, a reader might confirm that identification.  
I love the blue spots around the border.  
Last evening we walked out on a dock over False Creek.  This False Creek Ferry captain had to wait for the scheduled time to take his passengers to their destination.  He was friendly and I asked him about his tattoos.  His family tree was recorded on his leg, with the living members in front.. 
and those who had died on the back.  I thought that was a unique and very creative way to keep his family close to him. 
I took a few reflection photos.. 
along False Creek. 
A tiny glimpse of moon appeared between the clouds and was reflected in the water. 
This bush had only one yellow flower amidst many coral-shaded ones.  I would like to tell you the flowers behind it are blue, but they were closer to purple.  There's still a little blue in the photo though :)  Thanks for sharing the events of our past few days with us.  For more blues, check out Sally's Blue Monday meme, and for events in the lives of people around the world, I think you would also enjoy a visit to Our World Tuesday.


  1. i have always wanted a koi pond but knew, between our dogs and the herons and egrets, they'd never stand a chance. :)

    i like that mural. not sure about the tattoo. :)

  2. These are all lovely scenes from the cute dog to the pretty kois, birds and wildflowers. :)

  3. I thought of you yesterday when we were at the grocery store. They had a whole bunch of bright blue orchids. So unnatural but very striking. I guess they were left over from Mother's Day.

  4. What a wonderful project and art. I love the flower and animal shots. Your world is looking beautiful.

  5. Still cold here. Boom & Gary

  6. Wonderful set of images. I like that goose family.

  7. Oh,Blues and Hues!!! GORGEOUS pictures of the nature and Black Jack look so sweet♡♡♡ Haha, your dogie must have wished to play with koi. I was surprised with the tattoo, kind of amazing, isn't it☆☆☆

    Sending you Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

  8. I love the shot of the koi eyeing Black Jack eyeing the koi! :)

  9. Sure hope Tupper’s limp is temporary. I definitely see Snoopy in the rock formation and a little bit of Black Jack too. The photos of glances exchanged between pet and fish are precious!