Thursday, May 15, 2014

The letter "R"

"What is the first word that comes to your mind that begins with R?" I asked Bill on Tuesday. "Respect," he answered.

I reflected and thought, "Perfect."  

As we went about the rest of our day, I ruminated on the meaning of respect as related to a good theme for this week's ABC Wednesday meme.  Reviewing my photographs (a few from Sunday and the rest from Tuesday), it seemed the things I respect were revealed without much explanation.  I'll recapitulate a few revelations and will also introduce these new words (for me), found at a site listing unusual words beginning with R.
1. ramage: the boughs of a tree
2. rhotacism: the excessive or incorrect pronunciation of the letter R.
3. relâche: rest, relaxation  

Respect = reverence for nature   
Restful scene (but plant unidentified) at Sun Yat-Sen Gardens 
ramage: the boughs of a tree (taken at Sun Yat-Sen Gardens)
Rhododendrons in Stanley Park
Heron in Stanley Park: Remarkable navigational skills to get to the nest.
Resplendent plumage! The same "expressive" heron from a few posts ago?
A ravenous baby?  (If so, the first I've been able to photograph.)
A mallard pair enjoying some relâche by a Vancouver fountain
Respect = an open heart and mind
Learning that rhotacism means the excessive or incorrect pronunciation of the letter R made me think of a photograph I had taken on Sunday when I noticed that the Chinook Jargon used in Henry Tsang's Welcome to the Land of Light does not use the letter R.   French, English and Asian words were combined in Oregon, British Columbia and Alaska to form a language 200 years ago that enabled communication for trading.  I came to the teaching of English as a Second Language by a roundabout route as my first teaching specialty was music.  It took me a while to realize and respect how difficult it was  for many of our Asian students to pronounce "R".  The English translation below is: "If you heart mind open you receive new knowledge.  That attitude expresses just about everything I feel about respect.
If you heart mind open you receive new knowledge.
Respect = recognition of beauty around us and remembering the history.
We shopped at the Hudson Bay Store yesterday (new shorts for Bill) and I looked up to admire the decorative features.
The architects were Burke, Horwood & White and the contractors Rourke, MacDonald & Moncreiff
Respect = a regard for different perspectives

Respect = acknowledging the people who enrich our lives
We relish the opportunity to be surrounded by art every time we sip lattés and do crosswords at Harrison Galleries.
Read about the artist, Olaf, here and learn about Representational Art here.
Read about H.M.Saffer here.  Artist, musician, music producer, chef, restaurant owner.  He has never stopped learning!  
Respect = never taking the brain (human or otherwise) for granted.
Tuesday: our 3rd fully rendered crossword!  Yay!
Respect = recording something that touched you.. just because .

Respect = realizing the big picture..
and relating it to the close-up view.. 
as well.
Respect = appreciation for revelry.. 
and rambunctiousness.
Respect = recognizing our good fortune.
Respect = love
Respect = noticing the dramas that happen every minute of every day and feeling reassured that our own day has been short on drama and tall on contentment.
A seagull chased this heron.  Maybe their rumpus was over a morsel of food.
The heron landed and the seagull rushed off.
The heron retreated to a small landing spot further from shore.
We watched the last rays of sun slip behind the mountain and then we rode our bikes back to David Lam Park.
A man from Victoria asked if we would like our picture taken together.  Respect = thoughtfulness.  
Bill reminds Black Jack to look at the camera.
I relish playing with some moon shots and..
My heart is full of warm, fuzzy love for both of them.  All is right with my world.
Thanks for taking time to read about our day.  You can learn all kinds of things about the letter R and about its presence in the lives of people from around the world if you take some time to visit the ABC Wednesday blog meme.  Leslie's post about her possible broken ankle, only a few days after her marriage (that story is among the most romantic you will find), almost reduced me to tears (not kidding) but I was reassured by her rosy outlook on life and by her rousing energy.  We sure do wish her well!  Thank you, Leslie, for all you and Roger and the others do to keep this meme running so beautifully!


  1. I have every respect for the amount of time and thought this post must have taken.

  2. loved the herons, mallards, reflections, black jack and bill, of course. and hooray for crossword #3! :)

  3. This is a great post, marvelous photos!!! Thanks for sharing your day with us out here.

  4. Thank you for your sweet comment on my granddaughters strings recital. I enjoy so much watching her play. Respect is a perfect R word--what else could be better than respect for the glorious world given to us to enjoy and respect. Beautiful pictures of your day-the tree really stands out. BTY my daughter taught English as a second language before she became a vice principal this year-she says it is an invaluable asset.

  5. Always my pleasure, Carol, to go along the walk with you three!
    Respectfully yours,

  6. I like your r choices and the word respect in particular. Not even love seems more important. If we were to value nature and one another life would be ridiculously wonderful for everyone around the globe. :)

  7. Aw, Carol, thanks for your kind words. But I do respect what you've been going through with Bill's health and can truly empathise. Who knows how long we have with our loved ones; we just have to keep moving forward and respecting the present while recording it for posterity. You and I do the same thing in this regard. So happy for you that Bill is doing so well. Lorne is facing another surgery for his "lovely" hernias, the result of all his past ops. Take care!