Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Labour Day weekend walks and Tuesday osprey update.

On Tuesday, I spent a few minutes at lunch time checking out the osprey nest. There was no sign of Rose, but I did meet Henry Wong, of Broadway Camera. I learned about him first from Shiprock. The first very kind and knowledgeable young man I talked to at the store recommended him as well, as soon as I mentioned birds. He sold me my new camera (Nikon D90) and if you check out the link, there is a comment at the top of the page from someone who has dealt with Henry for several years. The two things that impress me most are Henry's passion for wildlife photography (particularly birds) and his willingness to help his clients. He has one day a week off, and for the past seven weeks, has spent that day at the osprey nest. Just an amazing man!

Although I didn't see Rose, Henry told me that he had seen her catching fish. He thought she wasn't actually eating them. He said they looked more like practice sessions. I am still hoping I may be lucky enough to witness her catch a fish before she migrates. One osprey was there, and although the photo was taken from quite a distance, I am thinking it may be Dad. Note that the seagull seems relaxed, but is keeping a bit of an eye to the rear.

On the way home, later in the afternoon, I stopped by for another brief visit. At that time, Rose was there, and I was also fortunate to see Shiprock, passing by after a full day of photography elsewhere. I continue to love checking out Shiprock's photos, so will leave you with a link, in case you have time to treat yourself to a look. Among several beauties, is a Hudsonian Godwit, quite an unusual find. Another great thing about Shiprock is that he identifies his finds so thoroughly and accurately.

Here is the best picture I was able to capture of Rose. She wasn't very active, and in fact, took a little nap on that post. Last evening (Wednesday), I stopped again, but there wasn't an osprey in sight. Each time I take a photo, I wonder if it will be the last positive identification of her. I am still not absolutely sure that she will migrate. A few people have suggested that if the winter remains warm, the ospreys may decide to stay around. However, the nest, if everything I have read is true, will be used year after year by the parents to raise their new young. How they will handle the ousting of Rose is something I think about. If they do migrate, I also wonder a lot about whether they will accompany Rose, or whether instinct will take over, and she will make the trip on her own, or with other unrelated ospreys. So much to wonder and learn about!

I took these seagulls, near the osprey nest.
"My" seal was there, as well.

The next four pictures were taken during a walk on Sunday morning at Jericho Park with Black Jack.
I met the two ladies who feed the bunnies. I learned that they do this, not once, as I had thought, but twice a day, and have been doing this every day for two years. They told me that there are presently about 30 rabbits in the area, and at least one of them is about to have babies. They also said that only about eight survived last winter. They seem to feel that that is the way of nature, and they don't get too upset about the losses, unless they are caused by dogs allowed to run free in the area. As they said, coyotes, eagles, and other birds of prey need to eat too, and I know that is true. Still, I feel that people who set their pet rabbits free in that area don't really think that decision through very well.

The rest of the pictures in this post were taken on Monday evening, during a walk at Jericho with Bill and Black Jack. It had been a fairly dull day, but the sun peeked out and there were some unusual colors in the sky. I liked this duck (female Mallard, I think) because she stood up so very straight and alert.
And this one, because I admire that bit of purplish-navy under the wing. This is a female mallard, and although they are not as brilliantly colored as the males, they are still beautiful.
We didn't see any beavers, but Bill discovered this very tall tree. The beavers are doing a thorough job of eating away at its base. I wonder if the parks board people have noticed. I am thinking it won't be much longer before it falls.
The grasses were lovely in the light.
The sky over downtown had a hand-painted look to it.
A wise-looking crow at the fishing dock.
Black Jack is becoming more and more obsessed with rock climbing. She frenziedly checked out one crevasse after the other, with Bill rock-hopping after her. I was sitting on a nearby rock, taking pictures of the seagulls. When I looked over my shoulder at Black Jack and Bill, I had to laugh. It looked as though Bill had a line and was fishing as well. He was, but for a different catch!
Bill finally had enough of rock-hopping, and ever determined not to pull on Black Jack's neck, finally managed to get his hands on her, and lift her out of the crevasse.
I laughed a lot as I watched them. There is determination in both of their faces here. Bill's says, "Enough already. I need a break!) Black Jack's says, "You may lift me up but I can still look!"
Another seagull.
These next two are almost identical, but I couldn't choose between them for the post. I had never seen these particular patterns of blues and grays before in the water. I guess they were reflected from that hand-painted sky.

One tree, going out in a blaze of glory.

I took a few flowers on the way home, but this one was my favorite.As always, thanks for reading!


  1. LoL!
    Thats a great set of Bill & BJ. Did he get stuck or was he just fooling around? Either way, very funny.

  2. Thanks for another happy blog. Your writing and photos always exhibit a positive aura about your life. Even the picture of the tree preparing for Winter doesn't elicit thoughts of cold dismal days ahead. Well, not too much :)

  3. Glad Bill and Black Jack's antics made you laugh, Nev. No, not stuck and not fooling around. Just Bill trying to let Black Jack have fun, and Black Jack doing just that, until Bill finally got a bit tired following her around. Bill hates to pull on the leash, so his method was to finally get his hands around BJ's squirmy little body.

    Thanks, Bill:) Cold, dismal days? Nah, not a chance. This is to be a warm winter. Repeat after me. This is to be...

  4. hahaha!
    You two should come visit me here during the winter sometime.

  5. wow, I love those shades of blue and grey in the water - the photo looks, as you said, hand-painted! Beautiful!
    It is going to be a warm winter, it is going to be a warm winter, it is going to be a warm winter....except, of course, for the two weeks of the Olympics when there will be a ton of snow - great for skiing, not so great for driving!