Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Two gentlemen, a flying disc and a great day!

One of several magical moments yesterday was watching two gentlemen play with a kind of Frisbee (I think it may be called a flying disc) that covers a huge space in a quicker time than either of us had ever witnessed before.  We estimated that they were throwing across at least the distance of a football field. 

The gentleman below was closest to us so I had a better opportunity to get photos of him.  I didn't learn their names, so will call him Mr. Grey. I'm not sure if he caught the disc in this shot.  Sometimes, he ended up behind a tree and out of my view.  What I can tell you is that he never gave up, no matter how high the disc flew or how far it traveled.
Mr. White throws here,
 and again, I wasn't able to get a photo of the catch,
 but loved the energy and the focus in the run.
 Mr. White makes a good catch here.  He often had to run into the play area, which meant both following the disc and navigating the equipment and people.
His throw..
 was caught beautifully by Mr. Grey.
 This one was caught behind the tree :)
 Mr. Grey told me that they had a point system to keep score, but I didn't catch the details of how that worked.  I noticed that he put as much intensity in throwing as he did in the catch.
 The next three photos were a sequence of steps in one catch.

Two steps here to show the next throw.  Preparation..
and follow through. 
 I'm not sure if Mr. White caught it.  Can you spot the disc at the far right?
 Another catch in a three-step sequence

 And right back at Mr. White..

 who catches it and..
 returns it.

 Mr. Grey gave it his all for this one..
 and looked ready,
 but it sailed..
 over his head..
 and almost into a second play area.
"Hey, come back here!"
 It was only at this point that I spoke to Mr. Grey.  His shot here..
 went almost directly to..
 Mr. White, though he did again..
have to navigate the playground..
  in order to make that impressive catch.  The lady on the swings.. 
 was having at least as much fun, I thought, as the two gentlemen, and the dog didn't seem to mind Mr. White's presence.  The rest of the photos are in sequence and self-explanatory.  The disc is just below the seagull in the photo below. 
Thanks, Mr. Grey and Mr. White.  We had fun watching you get the most out of a great day.  

Friday, October 23, 2015

Autumn Fences

Posting to TexWisGirl's Good Fences meme today.  Thanks, Theresa!!

All these photos come from a short outing yesterday after Bill's dental appointment.  We stopped by Olympic Village Park on the way home.  Bill says that sculpture looks like a rocket taking off into space.  We've been reading Chris Hadfield's "An Astronaut's Guide to LIfe" so rockets are on his mind :)
 This little birdie on a stone fence sang a sweet song.
We can't name these, but Carol likes them and Bill says they look like a hedge fence.  :)
 I love waiting for Bill at the dentist's office because I don't have to have any work done..  yay!.. and the staff loves greeting Black Jack.  Bill hardly whined at all :)  You can see that he was feeling pretty fine afterwards as he talked to this lady and her baby daughter.  They were admiring Black Jack, but she was busy inspecting the creek.
 I think this is a passion flower.  If not, we like the name and it is in front of a wire fence.
 We sat looking over False Creek and though there's no fence here, we thought this was a beautiful Sweet Pea.
 Familiar sights..  aquabus ferry, and our much-traveled bike route across the way.
 Just two ships passing in the night  er..  day.
 More familiar sights..  skullers out skulling,
 and one new sight..  the Cirque de Soleil tents just rising on the opposite shore.
 We admired the lovely autumn reflections in the pond by Olympic Village..
 and then we passed the dog run fence as we made our way for latt├ęs at Harrison Gallery.
We browsed an art catalogue and loved Rod Charlesworth's paintings.  This one is called "Newfoundland Coast" and its colourful fence makes it stand out for this meme.  That's it for today.  Have a good weekend.  Thanks for stopping by.  Happy fence watching!