Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Reflections and more

Two more sleeps until Christmas. I know this because I read Jen's blog. There are two blogs that give me great pleasure that have little to do with bikes, birds or beasts and everything to do with parents' love for their kids. Jen's is one, and Cristina's is the other. I recommend both blogs, whether or not you have children. There is fine writing and a world of fun in both.

My Christmas sentiments boil down to appreciation for the family and friends in my life, and that brings me to you, as you read this blog. I have come to think of those of you who comment as friends, and for those of you who have barely enough time to read, let alone put your thoughts together to make a comment, I feel your presence and appreciate it. Some of you have your own blogs, or post pictures on photography sites, that bring your lives a step closer to mine. It is remarkable to me how often things you have said, or pictures you have posted, slip into my mind as I go about my days. To each of you, Christmas seems the perfect time to thank you, and to wish you the very best of whatever makes life good for you. May 2010 bring contentment and laughter to you and your loved ones, both human and critter. Whether we have our own pets and children, or whether we enjoy those in the families close to us and to those in nature, it seems to me kids and critters have their own especially contagious way of pointing out the opportunities for fun and beauty in life. Thank you for sharing some of those smiles and thoughts with me.

And now, my photos of the last couple of days, all taken around Jericho Park. Experimenting with the camera, lots of mistakes, but many good moments, and lots of fun too.

Red-winged blackbirds are busy these days, and very entertaining to watch.

I've been noticing reflections in the pond lately.
I'm a bit late this morning, and want to post before I take Black Jack out, so hope I'll be forgiven for hasty identifications. I'm going to say American Wigeons here. As always, I appreciate corrections!
Trying higher iso's here, so grainy background (a ship), but I thought this seagull looked almost like a sculpture.
Two lovecrows.
I don't think I will ever get tired of seagulls in flight.
Parent and child?
Sparrow at the fishing dock
And, another seagull.
Black Jack, with her, what Bill calls "Wild-eyed Orangutan" look. When she isn't exploring rocks, hollow logs will do just fine.
American Wigeons
Black-capped chickadee? Vireo?
Looks like this squirrel is suspended in air, but it was resting on a tiny stub of a branch.
No guess, but I finally found the single-point focus and liked the background here.
Bad picture, but I loved watching this little fellow. It pulled and pushed, and I could have sworn I heard grunting as it puffed out its belly.
More reflections.
Geometric shapes in the form of a female red-winged blackbird.
There is a flock of these hanging around. They are more friendly than they were in the summer, I think because they are not getting fed as regularly, now that the temperatures are colder.

More shapes, in the form of a mallard.
And, more reflections.
Signs of Christmas
A spotted towhee to conclude this post.
Thanks for reading and the very best of the season to you!


  1. I think these pictures are stellar... I love the geometric pattern one in particular.... some of these are worthy of entering into a photography competition!!!
    Thanks for all the pleasure you, Carol Carson, have given my family since we first met you in August 2007! May 2010 be on of your happiest and safest ;) years! Hugs, Phyllis

  2. A BEAUTIFUL sequence of photos!! I can't pick any one that I like more than the others! You're getting the hang of that camera, by golly!

    I thought the other day that I'll have to try some of Shiprock's suggestions for focus. One suggestion of my own--You may be aware, but the graininess of some of your shots happens when you zoom/crop digitally, after the fact. The more you can zoom
    *optically* with your lens, the less of the graininess will occur.

    Have a truly joyous Christmas and may the new year bring health and happiness to you, and all those for whom you care.

  3. Stunning photos Carol! Time to retire from teaching and just take photos!

    I hope your holiday is wonderful and we get some sunshine for your camera. Christmas blessings for you, Bill and Jack. xox Cristina

  4. Great photos! I love the triangle one. Oh, and the "love crows". And the sparrow with wet feet ...

  5. A lot of very nice photos in this, CC. I particularly like the Red-winged Blackbird ones, and of them, the one of the female upside down in the triangle of reeds.

    Best of the Season, and Cheers

  6. So often your photos cause me to suck in my breath at the beauty you capture with your lens. The red winged blackbirds, the mallards, the geometric pattern....awesome. Thank you for bringing me such pleasure.

    And Merry Christmas to you, Carol - and to Bill and Black Jack too. Getting to know you through your blog, and meeting in person, has been a very special part of this year.

  7. that close up of the mallard???beautiful!!!and the geometric bird i lol at that one!

    "whether we enjoy those in the families close to us and to those in nature"

    i never thought of naure as being another family to enjoy but look forward to that warm way of thinking about it in the future. sometimes when im outside i feel like just a bystander, because ill soon be going away. like its their turf and im just visiting.

  8. Thanks for the comments and encouragement, everyone.

    Phyllis, hugs right back to you!

    EvenSong, definitely check out Shiprock's suggestions. A wealth of knowledge there!

    Cristina, I hope you, Rob, Lucas, Mia and Pillo had a truly Merry Christmas, and that 2010 will bring good health, good fun and good luck!

    Wanderin' Weeta and Shiprock, glad you liked them:)

    Likewise, Jean. I'm hoping we'll get over to the island at some point to meet your critters as well.

    Interesting thought, dirtyduck. "Visitor" is not so bad. We may leave, but we take greater understanding with us, and that brings us back again for more.