Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Of olympics and dentists and pink skies

Yesterday was one of those two-round-trip days between Vancouver and the North Shore. To school in the morning, taught one class, then back to Kitsilano for a dentist appointment, then back to school to finish classes before the final trip home. On the way to the dentist, as I passed English Bay, I saw what I thought to be a house moving. Google later gave me some more information. It turned out to be a floating hotel called North Island Lodge. It will be docking at False Creek, and will be available to rent during the olympics.
Amazing to me that a tug can pull a hotel.
A closer look. You can see a lamp and some furniture in the rooms.
What do I think about the olympics? Negatives and positives and a whole host of in betweens, but now, guests are coming, and it's time to put Vancouver's best face forward. So far, to be honest, I haven't felt the impact very much. At school, we were told yesterday about a web site that will post the many free ways to enjoy the olympics. That definitely helps to bring them a bit closer to reality, and free is definitely better than the alternative.

And dentists? Had to see a specialist yesterday. $1440 for a root canal treatment that took about 45 minutes. I'm lucky to have insurance which may cover about half. Yikes! That doesn't include the crown. Olympics and taking care of one's teeth sometimes seem to be only for rich people. I might add that I was terrified for most of the visit. Even freezing has become a huge deal. I don't make much fuss, but I often feel as though I'm going to pass out with fear. Fear of my teeth falling out. Fear that the needle will go somewhere it shouldn't and cause permanent damage. And, just plain unexplainable fear. How come, after all the dental work I have had done in my life, I still dread the visits? I feel sorry for my dentists, who are perfectly nice people, although I guess their earnings help to take some of the sting out of dealing with people like me.

And finally, some pictures taken in North Vancouver after my last class yesterday, as the sun was setting. I have no clue how to capture sunsets, and night photography is pretty much a mystery. Still, I was happy with the photos. There was a beauty and a calm in the air, and a feeling of greeting old friends, as flock after flock of geese flew from the sea to the little river beside my school. With the industrial activity on the other side of the river both blending and contrasting, the pictures evoked a mood and a memory of tranquility and golden light.

These next two pictures are almost the same. I took the shadows out of the first one with iphoto. The second one was left as is. I would love to know if one or the other seems more pleasing to you.
There were a few shorebirds, probably Black Turnstones, although the pictures are not clear enough for positive id. They worked together as a unit, finding food in one area, and then taking off like a shot, to land a short distance away and begin the thorough food search again.
The water was glazed in pinks and golds that changed almost as quickly as the Turnstones' direction.
Geese, coming toward me.
Turnstones heading away.
Wispy trees set off in tones of pink and tangerine.
Pink clouds on pastel blue.
Industry appearing almost like a magic land.

The final shot just before dark. What is in your mind, Mr/Ms Canada Goose. Do you notice the colours in the sky? Will you sleep well tonight? I hope so.


  1. Visits to the dentist make me cringe, too, especially when major work needs to be done. Some say decades of chemicals emitted into the air contribute to the gorgeous colours we see on the horizon. But clearly, your collection of blazing yellows and oranges, tin-roof green on the floating house, and cotton candy pink, blue and gold skies reflected on the water, as birds wing by, adds a needed touch of serenity to the day.

  2. Fears aren't necessarily rational or even proportional to the "actual" danger, but that doesn't make them any less real. Major props to you for facing your fear and going to the dentist anyway.

    Your sunset shots are so lovely, especially the bird and water ones. I like the first photo with the shadows a little less black. It's more interesting, somehow!

  3. Aw, thanks, Penelope and Carole. So nice to feel the encouragement in your comments.

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