Sunday, February 21, 2010

Delicious blossoms

Yesterday's walk to Jericho had a few stops along the way - the first at the corner of Alma and 3rd, for a look at this blossom.

Another to check out this so far unidentified bird. It flew off just as the camera was poised.

The final one for a look at these daffodils.

Once in the park, I noticed this little bird, and again have struggled to identify it. The black patch on its throat suggests some kind of chick-a-dee, but what kind? Chestnut-backed, perhaps?

It could never be said of Black Jack that she doesn't stop to smell the Heather.

I think this was from the top of what I call bull rushes - the part that the Red-Winged Blackbirds seem to love. What stopped me yesterday was the frost-like glisten in the sun.


and robins said Spring to me. I've been hearing that message for at least a month now. I love that Vancouver's Spring season seems to last for a very long time.

We walked as far as the Vancouver Hostel (well.. ouver hosiel, as it appears here) where I had a recurring thought about Olympics. Bill gently laughs at me, because I don't do well with too much "rah-rah" attitude. Call me the fun police if you will, but my preference is for a quiet pride, one that embraces the success of other nations as fully as it does Canada's. I like to watch hockey, but like the players best who don't pump (or pump very subtly:) when they score a goal. Although I enjoy the lively spirit that I feel throughout Vancouver right now, I would be even more happy to see some sort of world flag, or athlete's flag, rather than just the Canadian one. How about one that says something like, "Welcome to the nations (or athletes) of the world!" Anyhow, all that to say, I loved seeing all of these flags at the hostel. (Had to do 3 pics to get everything in without changing my large lens.)

Note: teaching at an international school has given me lots of opportunity to learn the flags of the world, but only when I contributed to our school olympics by making a medal-count poster, and searching out (with google) pictures of each of the flags represented in our students (approx 30 countries), did I finally begin to learn to recognize many more flags than I previously knew. Care to take a stab at identifying these ones?

On the way home, I watched this Blue Heron for quite some time. It flew from the west pond to this tree, where I admired its topknot. (Sorry, I know there's a better word.)
It then flew from the tree, over to the pond,
where it joined the ducks and seagulls for lunch.

It struck me yet again how bright sun can make photography challenging. From second to second, it seems the colours change. Here, a beautiful dark emerald in the Mallard, but that could change to navy, especially if viewing them from the back.

Lots of people were out, with their plastic bags full of white bread. I always appreciate those who take time to bring more appropriate and nourishing food.
It seemed to me that the water colour changed every few seconds, as well.

Just before leaving the park, I enjoyed watching this House Finch consume cherry blossoms.
I wasn't sure, even after watching at least 20 different blossoms in its mouth, in what I would estimate to be less than five minutes, whether it was consuming the blossom itself, or the centre part. Here, it appears to find the buds equally appealing.
What I loved most was its complete focus on the task at hand, and the beautiful blend of its colours with the blossoms.

I really appreciate Primulas because of their range of vibrant colours, but also because they thrive throughout most of the winter in Vancouver.

This crow almost always follows me home, sitting in the tree and watching to see if I will leave one of Black Jack's treats. (I usually do.)

Another blossom-loving bird.

As you can see, there were still lots of blossoms left for the rest of us to enjoy. If you look closely at this picture, you can see a gardener. I admire gardeners very much for their perfect combination of creativity and hard work.

A Varied Thrush outside my window, later in the afternoon, made a beautiful Saturday just that much better.
All for now. I'm off to enjoy yet another sunny day in Vancouver. Happy Sunday to you!


  1. Your cluster of wildlife and flowers definitely makes me think Spring! Love how the flags draping the building resemble baskets of multiple flowers splashing colour down window walls.

  2. Thanks, Penelope. "..baskets of multiple flowers splashing colour down window walls." Wow! You make me see in a new way. Thank you:)