Monday, November 7, 2011

Deer Lake and some enjoyable encounters

Sunday morning, we braved the frost to walk around Deer Lake in Burnaby.  This Towhee met us just as we entered the trail.
I think this was a Dark-eyed Junco.  
The brush and trees were covered in a thin layer of frost, and there wasn't much sun when we started out, but the leaf-covered path was inviting.
The frost, as Bill would say, had its charms.
This Towhee stared at me as if to say, "Can you believe this?"
Droplets formed at the ends of shrivelling leaves, and tried to decide whether to "rain" or hang on.
Little birds fluffed their bodies to stay warm.
Slowly, the sun rose, pointing out the still beautiful Fall colours and the mist over Deer Lake. 
In the field below us, a hawk's red colouring blended with the brush.
I'm still trying to decide what it was.  Maybe, American Kestrel?
It settled right after this photo and though we hung around to see another flight, had to concede it the winner of that waiting game.  It was still perched on the ground when we decided to move on.  
Here, the members of a group fitness class exercised, while we gave Black Jack her own..
private workout.
Suddenly, the hawk reappeared, but there was only time for two fly-by photos..
before it disappeared into the mist.  
We continued on, and smiled at the sight of this fisherman and his carefully arranged chair.
A bit further on, these unusual leaves and twigs seemed part of a painting.
By the time we reached the beach side of the lake, the sun was gaining confidence.
This seagull was really enjoying bath time.
Ah, this is the life!
Mustn't forget the back.
That feels so good!
One more rinse,
and away I go!
The fanned tail was like..
delicate lace.
The male of this Mallard pair didn't let his mate go far without him.
We were told this is a Peregrine Falcon.
If this was right (there was more white on its front that the pictures in my book show), then it was my first ever sighting, and it sure made our trip a memorable one.
A tree shot,
a leaf,
and a Ring-necked Duck (I think) all caught my eye. 
Then, a rather furry view led me to..
Luna.  I think her human told us she is eleven, but I don't believe she thinks of herself as a day over five.  She, we were told, considers herself to be in charge of..
Beautiful dogs, and they were having a great day.  No worries about the cold for them!
Bill noticed the three shades here, but thought my photo didn't work as well as he hoped. 
He also pointed out this shot, and we thought..
it was more successful.

A cormorant caught the sunlight over False Creek.
I think this may have been a feeding sequence, but I missed the delivery.
A walk from Granville Island to The Wicked Cafe a few weeks ago brought some nice colours and reflections.

 This is Lola.  We met her on the Aquabus on the way over to Granville Island.
She was really enjoying the view.
Both pairs of eyes open,
and then closed.  She and her human were in sync.
This was Halloween weekend, and I thought the baristas at The Wicked did a fine job of..
getting into the spirit of things.  
They also made us an excellent latte..
and we highly recommend their house-blend oatmeal.  Bill thought the pumpkin was a bit worse for wear, but I liked its crinkled look.
Fall has reached its peak and traveled beyond, but many blossoms are still looking summery.
Just a cat near my apartment that fascinates Black Jack.
The moon taken from my balcony a day or two before Halloween.
A sunset over False Creek (taken from the top of my building).
This was taken a few moments later, looking in the downtown direction.
And, last but not least, two skateboarders who generously allowed me to..
take pictures..
of their practice session.
I continue to be in awe of those with this kind of talent and grace.
That's it for today.  Thanks for reading, and Happy Monday to you!


  1. Oh, how cute is Lola with her wonderfully wrinkled face. I remember having oatmeal with you and Bill, Carol, and it certainly was tasty and the perfect choice for frosty days. I, too, have noticed frost in the early mornings, particularly on roofs of houses. Great shots of the skateboarders in juxtaposition with the Terry Fox memorial. I also enjoyed the commentary on the seagull antics in the ripples of water. Hope you have a good week ahead and are watching for black ice on the cooling roads!

  2. Carol, so many wonderful photos, where do I start. The birds are wonderful as always and the series of the seagull taking a bath is great. The leaf and scenery shots are so full of colour and that moon is just dreamy. Nice to see Black Jack having a good run again too, hope you have a good week! :)

  3. These are fine pictures, you are a wonderful photographer. The walk at Deer Lake shows me the kinds of things I would love to see myself when I go for a walk, but I never seem to spot them in time (or can't see them, in the case of the birds - I have always been rather short sighted and don't wear glasses). So this really was nice, to be able to have my eyes opened by your pictures.

  4. I, too, have noticed frost in the early mornings, particularly on roofs of houses. Great compre da china celulares shots of the skateboarders in juxtaposition with the Terry