Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Every Inchie Monday - "Ruin"

Here is my contribution for Every Inchie Monday.  

The theme for this week was "Ruin" and I turned to a video by artist, Michal Orlowski, for help.  He was way too fast to follow and took me completely out of my depth but it was thrilling to watch him work and I did try my best to use a part of his drawing for inspiration.  If you have time to check out this video, I think you will be amazed.  You can also check out his web site here.  Thank you, Michal! 

Next week, the theme is "happiness" so I imagine that may be a tiny bit easier.  If anyone is interested in trying this out, all you have to do is create a piece of art on the weekly theme in any way you choose as long as it is within a square inch of space.  Lots of fun and I do thank Trillian for organizing this blog meme.  Until next week!


  1. I love this! I think you did really well to get that into an inch.

  2. And you *almost* got it out on *Monday*!

  3. i got the columns and rocks perfectly out of your tiny inchie.

  4. Well done. A lovely Inchie Ruin. I'll be back to Inchies one day soon, I hope. But I'm checking out everybody elses.