Thursday, April 4, 2013

"Live Love Laugh" for ABC Wednesday Letter "L"

Bill put together this gif from seven photos of a slow motion routine that was a lark to do. He guided our choreography at the Low Knoll lookout during our Minnekhada hike on Saturday.  It was in my last post, but only showed up, I think, for those of you with gmail accounts.  I love it, and it says quite a lot about our life, and it continues to make both of us laugh, so I've reposted it here.  Look at Black Jack.  She gives us a lackadaisical look-see and then has a lovely time leaving no stone unturned in her search for edibles on the land. 
I came across these words in the sand a couple of weeks ago and thought they would be perfect for an "L" post.
I don't know who rearranges the stones along that little piece of beach near my apartment.  I suspect lots of different people feel inspired by others and want to contribute their thoughts.
Here are a few other favourite moments in my life, lately:
Golden light on English Bay one evening.
A magnolia in David Lam Park.
A hummingbird lingering for just a second or two on a bush by English Bay.  I had only my small lens with me and no time to change settings, but the silhouette was outlined nicely.
A girl in a lot by Sunset Beach practicing for the Vancouver Terminal City Roller derby League.  When she saw me taking pictures,
she gave me a card with their website and said she hoped I might see a game.  She was breaking in new skates and repeated the same labyrinthine (my new word for the week) moves over and over.  Her energy, athleticism and self-discipline were impressive and Bill and I decided it would be a fun, new experience to attend at least one game.  The opener is April 13th at Minoru Arena in Richmond.
A robin singing lustily.
A man legging it along the seawall with his harp!
This little dog playing..
a lone version of soccer..
for a very long time..
at lightening speed while his human looked on.  He made the energizer bunny look lazy!
An excellent show organized by Dance AllSorts.  This Bollywood dancer was lovely..
in her lavish costume.  I believe her name is Karima Essa.  There was legendary spirit in her performance.  We learned a special word associated with Bollywood dance that comes close to the North American definition of "attitude" but I haven't been able to remember it.
I believe most, or perhaps, all of the dancers were from South Asian Arts. These teens gave.. 
a lively performance that seemed to mix long-established and..
leading-edge choreography styles. 
Their athleticism and level-headed confidence were laudable.
It was the first time I had seen Bhangra dancers and I was fascinated by their colourful costumes, unusual instruments and again, athleticism.  The dance originates in the northern areas of the Punjab region.  Below, they are using instruments called saaps that they open and close while dancing, to make a sound like a very loud clap.
In the second half of their performance, live musical accompaniment was provided by a singer (he used his cell phone for the lyrics as this was his first public appearance) and a drum that I believe is called a dhol.  
I found this site and the following quote to limn (another new word for me) Bhangra: "As bhangra was performed during harvest season, the basic movements reflect that of harvesting, ploughing, and sowing.  It is believed that bhangra originated in the 14/15th century when farmers would arrive home with crops."  
That harvest spirit is reflected in the happy expressions on the faces of the dancers.  I felt really lucky to see these fine performances and to learn so much new information at this entertaining, pay-what-you-can event.
After the dance performance, Bill and I walked downtown to St. Andrew's Wesley for the Jazz Vespers performance.  Below is a completely over-exposed picture but I love it.  Bill is holding my camera bag and patiently studying the construction across Burrard Street while I..
seem unable to let these lovely blue and yellow flowers go unphotographed. 
The lustrous, reflective gleam in the leaning roof over the entrance to a parkade in the Wall Centre has mystified me for some time.
Bill located the source of those reflections at the top of this building, just across the street.  That was a big deal to me!
That Wall Street building has been making me curious for a long, long time.
At last, an answer to my question. 
St. Andrew's was decorated with lush shades of yellow for Easter Sunday, and Jaclyn Guillou was already rehearsing with her band when we walked in.
I heard the music and knew we were in for a great concert. Below: Bruno Hubert at the piano, David Blake on the guitar, James Meger on the bass, and Joel Founatin on the drums. 
Reverend Tom Miles talks to Jaclyn before the performance.  These Jazz Vespers concerts are unlike any religious service I have attended.  Everyone is welcomed, the spoken bits and prayers are kept short but somehow relevant for a mix of  beliefs and attitudes, and in a way I cannot explain, I leave not only refreshed by the music but often, by the words as well.  Reverend Miles has some very interesting stories and a way of making you feel that they are directed at you alone.  Sometimes, they inspire a twinge of guilt, but he softens that with humour and with a kind light in his eyes that speaks of an intelligent and gentle nature.
This concert was absolutely stellar as have been all the ones we attended.  I sat transfixed, wondering why the church was not packed to the doors.  A collection is taken (that goes to the musicians), but there is no pressure.  One pays what one can.  
Here, Jaclyn sings with passion and though her face is out of focus, I love the photograph.  Look for a moment at Joel's expression.  His playing was supportive in all the right places, coming forward with musical gems that were never obtrusive and always a delight to catch.
Bruno Hubert was, as Jamie Croil noted, an orchestrator as much as a pianist.  He stands, in this photo below.  I had the feeling he had so much energy, it was almost impossible to sit.   
His piano playing is musically and technically brilliant, but he also has the supportive role down pat.  Sometimes, one hand on the piano and the other on a percussion instrument (he played several), even his feet get into the act.  And, James, the bass player?  Right there with him and with all of the musicians.  
David, the guitarist?  Same thing.  Brilliant musician!  He wrote one of the songs and his solos left me breathless.   
Five accomplished musicians who are also team players.  A treat to see and hear.  Each time we've attended a Jazz Vespers concert, and we haven't missed a Sunday since first discovering them, I think they surely cannot keep up that level of musicianship.  
But they do.  If you are anywhere close to Vancouver on a Sunday afternoon at 4:00 p.m., I cannot think of a better way to spend an hour of your time.
Well, this post was supposed to publish for ABC Wednesday, and here it is, better late than never (I hope), on Thursday.  Just a couple of blooms, headed by two dandelions because I think people undervalue them.  Like crows, pigeons, Canada Geese and seagulls, they are everywhere and much maligned.  The dandelion, in my opinion, deserves special mention, not only because of its beauty, but for its food and medicine uses as well.  
Oh, add Starlings to that list.  They are everywhere too, but I challenge you to find a bird with more luminescent colours.  Ah, can't leave without mentioning..

cherry blossoms.  No "L" link at all, but hard to skip them when they are so luscious.. 
and there's an "L" shape after all.
One more.  Just one more.  The magnolia.  They, too, have sprung up throughout the city.  No question.  It's a wonderful world, and that point takes us to beautiful..
L for Louis singing "What a Wonderful World" as his tribute to life, love and laughter.  Thank you so much for reading.  Now, step on over to this link to ABC Wednesday for lots more L's.


  1. Wonderful captures but my favorite is the dog!

    Las Vegas

    Catching up with L entries. Oh Lord, I am LATE again.
    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team.

    1. The dog was definitely a character, Rose :) Thanks for commenting.

  2. you can throw in whatever you like. :) the slideshow was too cute!

  3. You've obviousLy been having LOADS of fun with your camera and taking LOVELY photos!

    abcw team

  4. The pup looks to be having tons of fun playing solo soccer and tons of great shots indeed. Like the fight at the top too.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Pat Hatt. I don't know if I've ever seen a pup have that much fun for that long without some human or animal intervention. As for the fight, we try to delight. Must get over to to your blog. it's the only time I feel free to test my rhyming timing :)

  5. You and Bill fighting again... sigh:) Loved the brindle pug series. Miniature Zoe, perhaps. Hopefully without the idiosyncrasies. I also loved the picture of Bill patiently holding the camera bag. His face is so expressive and his curiosity unLimited. Lovely post, Carol.


    1. Yeah, Sis. You know Bill. So hard to get along with :) Glad you loved the pug (it was obsessed.. I wonder if that translates to idiosyncrasies). My comment to Pat Hatt says it all. You might want to stop by his blog. Some fun stuff there that Will might enjoy.

  6. The feathers are the most colorful I have seen on a starling. I would say that is a perfect photo. Also loved the colorful costumes and fantastic movements brought to the stage by the dancers. And the jazz musicians and singer look wonderfully intense. But my favorite performance by far is the one with you and Bill having a friendly argument. That technique is fascinating … a moving picture. I will have to try something like that one of these days!

    1. Thanks, Penelope! I am so happy to see a starling (and the dancers and musicians) appreciated. As for the gif, I'm not sure how Bill does them. I just give him the photos and he works the magic. Maybe he'll teach me one day. I'll definitely look forward to yours :)

  7. That's some boxing match - looks like you're winning!

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  8. Oh Carol, you are amazing in your ability to catch movements from both people and animals!! I so enjoyed your post - a breath of fresh air!
    My favorites were the first dancer, the two guys where one had a drum, the teen dancers, and the musical performance -all precious:)

    1. Thank you so much, Jesh. Your comment made me happy :)

  9. Thank you for the lovely series of photos! Thank you also for your visit and comment! Have a great weekend.
    Wil, ABCW Team.

    1. You are welcome, Reader Wil and a happy weekend to you, too!

  10. What a wonderful photo story!
    Cheers from Cottage Country!

  11. L ~~~ certainly is well portrayed today Carol. LOVE the GIF ~~~ Bill's talented as well. I've never tried to make one of those, perhaps I should.

    If only we lived there ~~~ would love to go to the Jazz Vespers ~~~ it would be so inspiring, I just know.

    The flowers, how I remember the streets lined in Japanese Cherry blossoms!!!Oh the scent!!!


  12. Thanks, Ron. Apparently, making a GIF requires some understanding of Python so I may not be trying it any time soon. My brain just doesn't seem to work that way :) You and Jim would enjoy Jazz Vespers.. and yes, the scent is the thing :)

  13. Wonderful post, full of Life, Love and Laughter.

  14. I wonderful series depicting a lot of living and everything that goes with it.

    I trust all is well.