Friday, June 26, 2015


Today's post features some fences we have seen lately.  Many thanks to TexWisGirl for her Good Fences meme.  I promise if you drop by her blog, you will never see fences quite the same way again.

Women's World Cup Soccer began setting up trailers along Vancouver's False Creek long before the tournament began.
We haven't seen a game but we sure have felt the excitement in town, especially when the American..
and Canadian..
teams had games. Both have done well so far and I wish both success.  "May the best team win" is always my motto, but one's home team and one's closest neighbour do hold special places in our hearts.
Here's a look back from further along the creek, showing BC Stadium, where the games take place.
The same day, we continued into the Strathcona area of Vancouver, where we enjoyed a walk filled with all kinds of fences.  Some were in front of red blooms, 
others behind white blooms, and still others had a variety of..
geometrically complicated structures..
that sometimes opposed and sometimes supported each other. 
One fence had an important message,
and behind the message was a dog looking longingly over a veranda, perhaps missing Tuxedo and hoping we kept an eye out for him.  (We did, but no luck.) 
Many of the fences..
and properties were very old, 
but even when they were in disrepair, I found each one charming.

Bill was fascinated that many of the properties extended below street level.
There certainly was sufficient variety of material..
and background..
and shape to keep us fascinated.
We even found free stuff, though we weren't in need of more "things" at the time.
Downtown fences, seen a day later, were fascinating in a different way.
I love to peer through.. 
and over fences with Bill,
and to admire with him the coordination and organization required to build..
humungous new structures.. 
that sit in the deepest holes in the ground either of us have ever seen. 
Watching Bill look through fences is one of my great pleasures :) 
I  liked the shadows and lines of this fence.  It surrounds the swimming pool at Stanley Park.
A few Blue Heron shots, this one behind a little dock fence, 
just to show you that I haven't forgotten birds.  Can you spot this heron beside the Stanley Park Seawall?
It flew slowly past the wall.
A few more shadow shots..
conclude the post.  Many thanks for stopping by.  Thanks again, Theresa (aka TexWisGirl)!


  1. lovely heron shot in flight! those construction pits are both fascinating and scary to me. :) love the old gates and the ones where the roses and blooms spill through. :)

  2. What a fantastic collection of different fences.

  3. Wow! So many neat looking fences!

  4. Great post! Interesting fences and what they were keeping in. I enjoyed the walking tour of fences in Vancouver. My sister used to live in Portland and visited Vancouver frequently. She loved it.
    Thank you for sharing.

  5. Hello Carol, great collection of fence shots. I love the fences with the flowers around them, they look so pretty. And the seawall is a gorgeous place to walk, jog or run! Have a happy weekend!

  6. I love the fence shots especially the ones of Bill peering over or through fences. We took O and M to a similar building site in Victoria and it was hard to tear ourselves away because there was so much to see. Even Grandma was fascinated! Hugs for you both, Phyllis

  7. Wonderful fence collection . . .
    Loved the torn and tattered look of some.
    I hope Sinatra returns home . . .
    Bill adds perfect pose to your photos . . .