Monday, September 29, 2008

Everything except birds

Twin Grins

This is a run-down of the weekend, but I've begun with a picture of Kevin and Hudson that I took a couple of months ago.  Kevin is the dorm supervisor at my school, and Hudson is the resident dog.  Any school that has a resident dog is cool, in my book.  I'm sorry I didn't manage better focus, but don't you love their twin grins?

The weekend was busy.  Friday night, we ate at Greens and Gourmet, before attending an amazing concert by Bill's niece's husband, who is a professional violinist.  It is always a joy to watch Paul perform.  One day, I'll try to get some pictures.

Saturday was an errand-doing day, but concluded with a meal at The Foundation, and then a lecture at UBC by the brilliant Steven Pinker - very interesting, and funny too.  It was about the language of emotion, so would not be printable on this blog.  With a little search, you can find pretty much the identical lecture on u-tube, though, if you're interested.    

On Sunday morning, Black Jack and I played ball.

She's very keen on getting the ball.
But her idea of big air is quite limited.

Around noon, I left home on my bike to go to the gym at Howe and Davie.  There's a killer ab class at 1:10 taught lately by a young girl who really yells a lot, but it does seem to keep us all working really hard. I have to admit it's never boring.  Afterwards, I biked back over the Burrard Bridge, and Bill brought Black Jack to the Wicked Cafe, where we sat outside and enjoyed an absolutely divine latte.  (Has anyone noticed how many B's there seem to be in my life?  Check out that last sentence.)

 The view over the Burrard Bridge was amazing.

In the afternoon, Black Jack and I went for a walk:

First, we met a squirrel.  That set things off on a very exciting note.
We also met a dog named Tigger, who had a ton of personality.
This photo does not do him justice.  He's much cuter.
We saw yellow & orange flowers
We saw pink flowers with bees
And we saw a cat, wa-a-ay down at the end of the lane.
Just before we went in the house, we did a study in shadows:
Black Jack's
And mine
Sunday evening, we had a colorful and delicious meal at Greens and Gourmet again - it's another of my favorite places.  Veggie food, reasonably priced, and very thoughtful employees.   
 Who's the third person?  Mali.  Here she is, parking her bike. 
She's a colleague and a good friend.  I love it that she thinks nothing of wearing a long dress as she rides her bike.  She's looking for her key, (not for change to park her bike), and she's trying to tell me to stop snapping pictures.  She has just returned from a teaching gig in Kenya.  Because of her, a connection is becoming stronger between the international students at my school in North Van, and three small schools in Kenya.  Last night, after our meal, we went to a "Mindfulness in Education" lecture by Arthur Zajonc (His name sounds like "science", but with a Z at the beginning).  Huge!  Honestly, just huge!  The panel discussion afterwards with Kimberly A. Schonert-Reichl (UBC) & Heesoon Bai (SFU) was as thought provoking as the lecture.  If you ever get the chance to take any sort of course with any of these people, run to the sign-up counter, don't walk.

This morning?  Late again, and pushing these legs harder than they really want to go.  Made it just on time. 

The ride home today?  Spectacular!!  
From the Lions Gate Bridge
From Beach Avenue
This morning, Black Jack woke up at 5:00, in her "Wild-eyed Orangutan" state, as Bill likes to describe it.  I usually get up about then, so I took her out.  She did a poo and then raced inside, as she often does, tearing about the house at the speed of lightening.  I was in the kitchen, when I heard a heartbreaking, very high-pitched whimper that still leaves my stomach in knots.  By the time I reached her, she was sitting quietly, and it seemed when I stood her up, that her right hind leg was in a weird position.  Minutes, later, she's walking, I think stiffly, but I can't actually pinpoint what she has injured.  When I brought her for her first vet check after adopting her, the vet said she had luxated patella in both back knees, but so far, aside from the odd hop on three legs, there has been no indication of pain, and she has seemed just fine.  Now, I'm worried, but no more whimpers after that initial one.
Wish us luck!  One more pic from her ball game on Sunday to cheer me up.   


  1. Carol -
    Just wanted to say I LOVE your bridge shots. Going back home last night, I saw the stairs pictured in your impressionistic photograph... and appreciated that spot a little more than I would normally.
    So thank you for sharing & helping me appreciate the beauty around me even more - !

  2. Bill's niece doesn't happen to be Glenys Webster, does she? I know that her husband's name is Paul and I know that he plays a sting instrument.

    If so, small world!

  3. dp, you're absolute correct! I do love it that the world is such a small one. Glenys and Paul both played a great (full of humor and energy)l concert with the Pacific Baroque Orchestra two days ago. I'll put a link to the orchestra on my blog.