Thursday, October 2, 2008

Some bike, bird and beast memory clips

This is the bike path that takes me onto the Lions Gate Bridge for the return trip home, one day in July.  

A snowshoe trip on Cyprus last January.

And some geese on the little river behind my school in North Van.  
We took Black Jack to Ottawa at Xmas time to visit my sister, and stayed there for ten days.  She and my sister's dog, Zoe, had the greatest time together.  Having always had big dogs, it was really a thrill to be able to have Black Jack in the cabin with us.  She handled the flight really well.  
Zoe is such a sweetheart, trying to figure out how to adapt her size to Black Jack's.  
My sister's household is a busy one.  Her dog is Zoe, her daughter's dog is Tova, her daughter's boyfriend's dog is Ella, and then there was Black Jack over Xmas.  We only managed one photo where they were all sitting (well, one lying) quietly side by side.  
Tova, Ella, Black Jack and Zoe

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