Sunday, May 10, 2009

Meeting the neighbors

There are a lot of neighbors to meet, especially if I include those at Jericho Park, which is close enough to feel like my back yard.  I was happy to discover these ducklings yesterday morning, near the marshy area, swimming under the watchful eyes of their mother. 
All in a row, just for dp.
I loved the colors in this scene, even though the mallard at the center of it refused to turn towards the camera.
He was watching me, though.  I only discovered that when I put the picture full screen, and saw his eye.  (Click on the picture if you want to see too.)
On the other side of our balcony, Vegas wasn't shy at all about introducing himself.
As I said...
Black Jack wasn't completely sure about having her personal space invaded.
She accepted that better once Bill arrived and she could survey her world from the vantage point of his arms.
I guess in a way, the mountains could be considered neighbors as well.  Not the best photo, but I took it at dusk, night before last, from Jericho Beach.  I've always thought this layered look in paintings seemed rather artificial.  It was a bit of a revelation to see that same look in the photo.

This was taken moments later.  Jericho sailing club, with the downtown skyline behind, all with a familiar sort of neighborhood feeling.

It is now Sunday around noon, and Bill has just arrived.  We watched Paul, his nephew-in-law, perform with the Pacific Baroque Orchestra last night.  I loved so many of the works, but one of my favorites was a piece for two violins and continuo.  I think it was by Biber.  Paul never ceases to amaze me.  Talented, humorous, unbelievably warm and friendly, and a joy to know.   

I feel ridiculously fortunate.  Right now, Bill is assembling my TV stand, and then we're off for a day of shopping for apartment odds and ends, sipping lattes, and walking Black Jack.  Black Jack has had a very entertaining morning, lying in her luxurious blue bed, surveying the action in the courtyard, and meeting a few more neighbors.  So far, we have met Chicken, a white Samoyed, Pollo and Castor, the two very sweet Catahoulas next door, Phillip, a 12-yr-old poodle, rescued a year ago in Toronto, and lucky enough to have found a young owner who wouldn't for a minute consider leaving him behind when she moved to Vancouver, Harvey, a 14-yr-old Bassett Hound, and Mary Lou, an older lab/pit mix rescued a year ago when she was found wandering in Surrey, lost and pregnant.  Good neighbors.  I 
know that by their animals' stories.  All is well with my world.


  1. It sounds as if you have had a very happy weekend! I am glad you enjoyed the Pacific Baroque Orchestra concert! How I wish I could join you! Hurrah for mothers and their ducklings... and all mothers!

  2. I love watching the baby ducklings and goslings at this time of year -how lucky to have some so close by!

    I love the last two pictures. I'm frequently amazed to see the mountains around me looking exactly like art that I had thought "unrealistic" - it has changed my perspective on art ...AND on nature. There is always something new and beautiful to experience.

    I hope Black Jack and Beagle-boy neighbour soon become best friends. The names alone, Black Jack and Vegas, suggest they should be a good match! LOL

    I hope Black Jack and Beagle-neighbor are soon the best of friends.

  3. Oops - repeated myself there. Serves me right for not scrolling down to make sure I deleted stuff I re-wrote! LOLOL. Need. More. Coffee.

  4. Carol, you really have nice neighbours, what a nice place to live. Thanks for nice nature photos, and btw thanks for a nice comment on my blog. Anna :)

  5. Thanks for the comments everyone. Phyllis, I wish you could have been there too. And, a very late Happy Mother's Day to you! I completely missed that connection, but as babies show up everywhere lately (human, bird and beast), it was surely an apt one.

    Thanks, Jean. Nice to learn a bit about your perspective. Lately, the layered mountain look has been showing up in slightly different ways just about every evening. Black Jack and Vegas now get along fine. I missed that name connection too! Thanks for pointing it out. Yes, coffee is especially good in the morning, isn't it?

    Yes, Anna.. lots of great neighbors here. And, you're welcome. I really enjoy your blog.