Thursday, April 29, 2010

Osprey expressions

Dad continues to work really, really hard to find his mate. His nest-building skills have improved dramatically since last summer.

Penelope described the thoughts behind his intense expression like this:
“Here is a worthy house I worked hard to make strong.
Hope you come soon as I’ve lived like a loner for far too long.”

One thing for sure, he is not giving up. I watched him fly high in the sky yesterday, hovering, his wings a blur, and then diving straight down at incredible speed. It wasn't possible to catch that in a useable photo, as he put on his show at the other end of the beach, near the second osprey nest, but it made my spine tingle to watch him.

After each episode of circling the sky, he would come back to his nest, and those arrivals and departures were incredible to see.

I can't look at these pictures, now, without thinking of Penelope's words.

They just seem perfect. Here, he seems to have his hands/wings on his hips, in an, "I'm waiting," expression. I feel sure he is tapping his toe/talon as well.

This one seems a bit wistful.

I love the symmetry in this wing shot.

My friend, Dianne, arrived with her dear little grandson, Jona.

She pointed out this starfish, just behind me. I had missed it completely.

She and Jona explored the beach, and I thought about how Jona will remember these days. He is a lucky boy to spend so much time with his Grandma.

This pair of seagulls used to sit in Dad's nest, but they must have had a little talk, because they now use the only other pylon for resting and snoozing.

Dianne and I were both feeling quite emotional yesterday, as we watched Dad work so persistently to find his mate.

Shivers up and down my spine happened over and over, and I took that to mean that Mom's arrival was imminent.

That didn't happen, but I still wonder if she perhaps came after I left.

Mama Osprey, we watch and wait for you. Safe journey!


  1. With the intensity of that daddy's look, if I were a seagull, I wouldn't be messin' with that nest either!

  2. The symmetry shot IS amazing! Watching and waiting right there with you, Carol.