Sunday, May 2, 2010

Perfect light on a windy Saturday

Yesterday was beautiful, with sun in the sky and energy in the wind. Every now and then, I see this unusually marked robin at Jericho Park. It was there when Black Jack and I went for our morning walk.

Biking to North Vancouver was enjoyable, with the wind behind me for a good part of the ride. When I arrived, Lawrence was peeking out over the top of his nest.

Then, the "hand-on-the-hip pose. I'm not sure who/what he was addressing.

The Crow Story

Lawrence brings a a stick to the nest.

He lands,

tilts forward,

and seems to fall forward on his face.

He feels a shadow behind him.

He pays no attention.

Crow: You dare ignore me?
Lawrence: What's your problem?

Crow: Look me in the eye and say that!
Lawrence: Listen, I'm a patient fellow, but...

I have reached my limit! Scram!

What a grouch!

I was just trying to get some respect.

No time for nonsense. There's work to do!

I watched Lawrence for quite some time. A photographer named Gary was there when I arrived. Then, Eric arrived, and after that, Henrik. I enjoyed feeling like one of the gang:) Photography seems to have few age or gender barriers. Check out Henrik's link to see his version of the day. You won't be sorry!

The tide was very low, and the sun and light were wonderful, but the wind that had felt so good on the bike was chilling me to the bone! Still, Lawrence was active and I couldn't leave.

I like the wrinkle curving from his chin to his wing, when Lawrence does his side-to-side motion.

He was so close, I often missed parts of his wings.

You will have to click on this one to enlarge it, and a second click will make it even larger. It isn't the most perfect of photos, but there is something pleasing to me about the way Lawrence is framed by the boat and the way the water droplets rise. I'm not sure if Lawrence drags the stick in a show to attract Olivia, or whether it is just a bit too long to keep above water.

There he comes, stick still playing in the water.

He loses the longer piece, but brings the other branch to the nest. His talons are most efficient, but once in a while, he misjudges what they can handle.

Lawrence flew over to the barge, and stayed there for quite some time. I watched this seagull and tried to forget my chilled bones. How on earth did it manage to fly with that starfish in its mouth?

Ah, I see. It was dropping it. Do starfish break apart? Or, was he trying to stun it?

I felt sorry for both the starfish and for the seagull.

I also watched this Common Merganser.

I liked the way she rode the waves.

Lawrence came back again, this time with a block of wood.

The pylon holding the nest is in two pieces, held together with wire. I think there is quite a hole in the centre, and several times, I think Lawrence has stumbled in that gap. Here, I am convinced he was trying to build a more stable floor.

My last picture of the day. Yet another type of nest material arriving.

This rose bush grows near the lookout. I wish photos could transmit aroma.

Bill arrived with Black Jack, and we had a cozy ride home in his beautiful Dodge Ram. I love Bill's truck. Before we left, we talked with a couple, John and Helen. They love birds, and we shared some stories. Meanwhile, Henrik and Eric braved the wind, taking advantage of the last few minutes before the rising tide overtook them.

Thanks for the tips, Henrik. You are generous and your passion is that of a true artist. It is a treat to watch you work. Until next time.


  1. Lawrence proves to be an ambitious fellow as he gathers super-long sticks and a large chunk of wood for his nest. There definitely are funny discussions going on between the osprey and crow that behaves a little like an annoying kid brother. Thanks for sharing your day. I often walk through nature with only glimpses and shadowy images of the wildlife around me. You capture events in intricate detail allowing others like me to better see fleeting interactions in a natural world.

  2. We were there at dusk last evening and the crow was still being a nuisence.

    Lawrence was very vocal as darkness approached and we hoped that he was feeling "something in the air" but alas no sign of Olivia.

  3. Thanks for the comments, Penelope and MarianneBill!

    I am curious about the relationship between Lawrence and the crow. I read once that crows challenge raptors, and if successful, go to the top of their clan. Yesterday, it seemed that something specific had happened - maybe Lawrence stealing nesting material from the crow's stash?

    I was hoping for the same "something in the air" and appreciate the update, MarianneBill. Maybe today.




  5. Wow! Thanks, MarianneBill! I hadn't seen this message, and was over to the nest today around 3:00 pm. It was raining nonstop, and although I had a momentary question in my mind if that could be Olivia in the nest, I disregarded it, thinking it was wishful thinking. I stayed and took pictures, not realizing they were of Olivia. I'll post them, although they weren't the best because of the rain and poor light and the cover on my camera. I wonder if you were able to get some photos? Thanks again for letting me know about this!