Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Windy Monday

The winds were insane yesterday. I took the seabus to avoid biking the Lions Gate Bridge. Parts of the osprey nest blew away, and my thoughts strayed often throughout the night to Lawrence and Olivia, to the herons with their chicks at Stanley Park, and to Luger, lost on Vancouver Island in treacherous conditions.

Lawrence and Olivia are very, very busy. They deal with a pesky crow, seagulls, and a Bald Eagle, all of whom seem to annoy them quite a bit. At the same time, they try to work on the nest, and prepare to have a family. These next four shots were taken in the morning, from behind the wall.

They attempt to mate (it doesn't look so easy), and seconds afterwards, Lawrence is off to a field, where he gathers material for the nest. Olivia appears to be quite bossy. She knows there is much to do. Lawrence seems okay with that. They work together efficiently and harmoniously.

In the afternoon, Henrik, Mark, (both linked at the side of my page) and another photographer named John are down on the shoal. I join them, and the four of us struggle to hold our cameras steady in what feels to me like gale force winds. As always, I love the camaraderie.

Lawrence is off, probably hunting, and Olivia was busy telling the crow, the seagull, and especially the Bald Eagle, that she would brook no nonsense.

MarianneBill (also linked at the side) told me yesterday that there were three ospreys on the nest at one point in the morning, but by the time I arrived, that seems to have been sorted out. So many considerations in bird life that I never before had imagined or thought about. Thanks for sharing in the experience.


  1. Carol, you surprise me every time. Speaking of wind, we got one here too. Its been kind of crazy weather. Hard to believe that it was snowing on the green grass. Anna :)

  2. It is clear the parents-to-be are doing their utmost to weave a good home. These are wonderful captures, Carol. As the weather is so perfect, I’m guessing you will have a very happy Sunday taking photos of Lawrence and Olivia.:)

  3. Thanks Anna and Penelope, and a very late but heartfelt "Happy Mother's Day" to you!

    Anna, I hope that snow is now gone!

    And, Penelope, only Olivia was on the nest when I looked on Sunday, but I finally saw her with Lawrence on Monday. They lost a part of the nest, but seem to be back on track now.