Monday, April 9, 2012

Lovely morning, pillow fight, bawdy Shakespeare and a thank you!

I have at least four other posts waiting in the wings, but this one insists on being heard.  First, the background.  The Bushtit nest below is about a twenty minute walk away from my apartment, and I've been watching it for weeks, hoping to spy some bird action.  So far, no luck, although I have admired its crown of magnolias recently.   
This morning, right across the street from my apartment, in David Lam, I discovered another bushtit nest.  The wikipedia link given above will tell you that the "elaborate pendant nest of moss and lichen assembled with spider silk and lined with feathers hangs from a branch."
I walked around the nest, looking for the "doorway" and hoping that this nest would be more active than the other.  Minutes later, I was rewarded.
 Both parents were working nonstop and at a very fast pace, back and forth, back and forth, delivering nest material.
 As if that weren't enough, I looked behind me and spotted a hummingbird.  I'm not sure which kind it was, and won't take time now to look it up, as I'm hoping to spend some more time out of doors today.
 I didn't achieve a good focus on any of the photographs, perhaps too excited by my surprise finds.
 Focus fail or not, I was about as happy as a person could possibly be.
The hummingbird finally sat for a second.
 Two more photographs, one showing the bushtit's back..
 and the other showing a bright eye to document my first ever bushtit-in-the-nest sighting.
 As I was leaving the park, it seemed like icing on the morning cake to spot this perfect rainbow dress and a lovely child enjoying some dandelions.  Her parents allowed me to take her picture, and I thank them.  It was good to share my happy bird story with them, and to hear that the little girl's grandmother had made the beautiful dress.
 Finally about to walk through the park exit, there was even a bee in a flower to add to the sense that Spring really, really has arrived.
And, I bet you are wondering about the pillow fight.  Bill and I went to the 5th Annual International Pillow Fight and had a great time just watching.
 While I took photos, Bill and Black Jack met and made friends with Sheila and Pedro.  Meeting them added even more fun to an already good time.
 Last (but not least), we attended a naughty and absolutely wonderful Shakespeare-inspired performance last evening that I want to tell you about. I kept thinking, as we watched it, how much The Bard himself would have loved it.  Bomb-itty of Errors by Twenty Something Theatre was so good, I want others to see it!  The up and coming talent in this town is truly exciting! I feel absolutely positive that we will be hearing about these four young actors on the world stage before too long. This production had fast-paced action, brilliant acting, some impressive athletic/dance ability, and costume changes that had me marvelling at the details even as my face and sides ached from laughing.  For show times, prices, and more info, check out this link.
The thank you?  It's to Carole, writer of South Canyon Ranch blog, linked at the right of my page.  She doesn't post on her blog very often, but I was delighted to find her on facebook.  She saw my poorly "fixed" photo of Black Jack a couple of posts ago, and worked her own magic on it.  Isn't this great?  Thanks again, Carole!
And, for some thoughts about Easter that really hit home for me, check out Penelope's post.  In that spirit, Happy Easter, everyone!


  1. Oh, how beautiful is that dress on the little girl … I am a wee bit envious at this fortunate find! The grandmother is a marvel to have created it. I also LOVE what your blogger friend did to the Black Jack photo. She really IS a star on the move in that wonderful picture. :)

  2. Carol I love the bushtit nest and the hummingbird sighting. So many great pictures, the good weather recently has been a real treat.

  3. I love how spring is really in full swing now. I've been leaving dog fur around the yard for the nesting birds - they scoop it up almost before it hits the ground!

    If you go to the Gateway Theatre in Richmond, you might want to check out "All Shook Up" which is playing there now after its very successful run here in Chemainus. It is great fun, a witty and well done comedy/romance/musical set in the 1950s with a hint of Twelfth Night to the story.