Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Recording the journey (Part 2) in Our World

The previous post described Bill's stint in hospital, just the beginning of a journey to good health that will take us through at least the next ten months.  As I write, we've been dealing with some setbacks that, in the end, I think will seem minor.  The bigger picture that I'm holding firmly in my view is one of optimism.  
I am retracing steps, going back to May 6th, the day Bill was discharged from hospital.   Black Jack confirmed that she was happy to be watching over him from her clearly much appreciated position in the sun.
She looked quite regal, I thought, in the picture above, but shortly afterwards, came up with a comical pose after a little dip in the ocean.
Our walks at first were around the block and at quite a slow pace, all the better for..
enjoying the colourful Point Grey gardens.
This lady didn't object when Bill sat beside her..
and her dog even offered us a gift.
The bears ignored us (which was a good thing) and continued to frolic nearby.
There is a beautiful garden just a block and a half up the street from us, and the kind lady who designs and tends it came out when she saw us stop.  She gave me permission to take pictures, and a day or two later, when I stopped again, told me she was undergoing chemo treatments.  I haven't seen her since, but know..
her flowers bring peace and probably a boost along the way to health.  I think of her often.
On May 12th, we enjoyed our first return to Jazz Vespers concerts at St. Andrew's Wesley.  It appears they had no objection to Black Jack's presence in the front row.  The minister smiled at her often, as did several members of the congregation.
Karin Plato was performing with her ensemble.  I took pictures of each member of her group, but will just offer you two, this one of her drummer deep in concentration..
and this one of Karin giving her all in a burst of joyful song.
Black Jack seems to like St. Andrew's and made herself at home on Bill's lap,
even taking a moment to "smile" for the camera.
Smiles are always most appreciated, but especially during this bit of a rough patch in our lives, so Black Jack's rather toothy one seems the perfect place to conclude Part 2 of the journey.  Part 3 to follow when time permits, but in the mean time, Bill and I both thank you for the many good wishes.  He is on the wait list to begin chemo treatments this Thursday.  I will keep you posted as to how he fares with that.  In the mean time, keep smiling along with us, and if you have the time, don't forget to stop by Our World Tuesday for a glimpse into the lives of people from all over the world.


  1. I had no idea Bill was so ill, you have been so active putting in so many wonderful photos. My thoughts are with you, I hope things just get better and better now. cheers.

  2. Black Jack is absolutely adorable with that toothy grin! You certainly live in a beautiful neighbourhood with all those old gardens that have been so lovingly tended!

  3. beautiful gardens. love that tree! and sweet black jack. i am so glad she's accepted (almost) everywhere. :)

  4. I love that first shot - I learned to make a wish when I blew on dandelion seedheads - so I made one for you and Bill. :)
    How wonderful that Black Jack was welcome in St Andrew's Wesley - I wish more places would allow well-behaved dogs.

  5. God bless! This is a really sweet post and each image is a window into your lives. I enjoyed the optimism, love, and life you possess in this post and wish great health and lots of smiles to your family and cute dog!

  6. Black Jack sure like to be the center of attention, great shots as always.

  7. Good to see you posting such a wonderful positive post. Bill will be in my thoughts and prayers over these difficult weeks and months ahead but with Black Jack by his side and you as his ever present support, he will be carried through.

  8. One of the best therapies is 'dog therapy'!
    BlackJack is doing her magic. Great photos Carol. And I would have to agree that gardens are healing.
    take care.

  9. Nice to see those shots of your neighborhood … it seems the more one looks the more one sees of their surroundings. And as the very expressive Black Jack says with her smile, there are hidden treasures everywhere. Thanks as always for sharing your journey, Carol and Bill. :)

  10. I just had an immediate memory of the Nitobe Gardens at UBC! Thank you for this!
    Black Jack is a sweet heart...just look at the smiles that he is causing. YAY dogs one again!
    Your neighbours flowers are so beautiful...is that a clematis bloom? It looks like it to me.
    I sure hope Bill's 1st chemo went well...I'm so certain that it did!1


  11. Hugs for you both! Thank you for the happy shots of my little brother and the ever so smiling Blackjack! Remember to add one of you and one of you and Bill together! :) Phyllis

  12. A lovely series of photos.

  13. Will be thinking about you both as Bill starts Chemo! Love that toothy doggy grin in the last pic.