Friday, October 2, 2015

Good Fences for TexWisGirl's Post #80

Bill and I and the dancing dog missed last week's Good Fences meme, so we are scrambling today to post.  Thanks, Theresa!

About a week ago, we biked around the Stanley Park Seawall.  We call that wall a fence :)  You've seen it many times, but I bet..
 you've never seen it like this!  We've seen a few Inukshuks before, but never, ever, this many.  Bill kept wondering how many people were involved and how long it took.
 This one was sort of featured as it was the tallest, and the one that caught our eye first.  We both agree she looks like an elderly woman..
 looking out to sea.
 It seemed there were Inukshuks all the way to the horizon.
 Bill had to test whether glue was involved, so he carefully examined this one.
 It fell, so we knew there were no fakes.  He fastidiously replaced it, then said,
 "Is your camera ready?"
 Definite proof that no glue was used in the making of this art.
 Here's a view of the seawall and the cliff around Stanley Park just cuz I like it!
 This one reminds Bill of three flutes.
 Here's a close-up.
 Too many shots,
 but I can't..
 control myself!  :)
 The tide came in and toppled some of the Inukshuks.  That's when I realized..
 every day is a new day for found art.
 Black Jack, the fine art connoisseur, appraised the ones below.
 She insisted on walking on this very low fence.  A few Inukshuks followed behind.
 Another day, we were homeless for eight hours while the fire alarm system was tested in our building.  From last year's experience, we knew the noise would be deafening all day long.  Even laid back Black Jack had become terribly stressed so we made plans to walk around town all day.  We stopped at this playground.  Believe it or not, I have never in my life gone down a playground slide.  I know..  deprived childhood :)  I was actually nervous even though this slide was about six feet long.  Black Jack, on the other hand, was raring to go.
Blast Off!
 Not to be outdone..  oh, by the way, there wasn't a child in sight..  Bill, who always wanted to be an earth mover, had his big chance.
Gentlemen, start your engines!
 Goin' for the BIG scoop!
 Success!  But, don't quit your day job!!
 Carol says, "Isn't he adorable?  Look at that happy grin!" 
And, our final set of pictures are from yesterday.  We biked over the Cambie Bridge and Carol was awed by this rocket.  Bill had noticed it many times before :)
 It is a replica of the rocket seen first in 1936 at the Pacific National Exhibition.  You can read all about it and see a magnificent photo in this blog post.
 We continued on to Olympic Spirit Park and lay,
 admiring the fences :)
 on these kooky but quite comfortable chairs.  What a view!
 Another fence you've seen before but I never tire of it.
These fellows with their trick bikes were trying hard to ride this fence.
 We watched for at least 15 minutes, but no one made it all the way across.  They sure impressed me, though.
Here goes!
 A second later, he fell off the side.
 The bike tire is wider than the fence top.  Looks like he might do it,
 but it is harder than it seems.
 This guy tried to balance by sticking his leg out to the side but he fell off right after this photo.
 The important thing, though, was the fun and camaraderie enjoyed by all.
Bill and I thank you for stopping by.  Until next time, have a wonderful weekend!


  1. you always find some daredevils out and about. glad you had a nice day to spend outside while they tested the alarms! loved all the inukshuks! so very cool! someone had lots of fun! and speaking of fun, never too old to play on the playground. :)

  2. You weren't kidding about the number of inukshuks when you described them to me, Carol! That was something to see!

    And congrats for going down the slide ~ It's never too late! My brother and I made a homemade one out of some boards we found. It went down the outdoor stairs from our second story apartment when I was in first grade. I went down and got a BIG splinter! Oh the trouble kids can get into! Mom wrapped a diaper around me until we could get to the doctor ~ not the first time, but definitely the last. I think my pride hurt more over the diaper than the big splinter! Fortunately you ended with a BIG smile.

    And what fun to see Bill with the earth mover. It's more fun to live like otters than serious old owls! Have a happy weekend!

  3. I love the many and varied Inukshuks. I tried so hard to find flat rocks in Costa Rica in order to show my students how to build one but could find only round river rocks! You must try one of the "curly" slides! Great fun! You both look so well and happy! Hugs, Phyllis

  4. So many Inukshuks. Cute shot of Bill on that earth mover. We all still have that inner child in us to play on these things especially on that slide. What fun! Loved seeing all the familiar sites of Vancouver. Stanley Park was one of my favorite places to visit daily when I used to live in the West End. Wonderful shots!!!