Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Oh me oh my...

Oh me, oh my..  my camera is spending its 4th night at the repair shop.  At first, they said it needed a cleaning, but today, the repair person said it is in worse shape than he thought.  It needs an overhaul.  I don't know if it's homesick, but I do know I miss it.  I'm using my older, smaller camera until I get it back.  It did a fair job of capturing these boats moored at Jericho Beach on Monday evening.
On Wednesday, the tide was out, and I was able to get quite close to the osprey nest near my school in North Vancouver.  There were four very professional photographers there, and to their credit, not one of them made me feel silly with my little panasonic.  This was the best shot I could manage of the baby in the nest, but if you check out Ship Rock's flickr site, you can see some outstanding photos.  It's worth taking time to look at his slide show as well.  You can also see Nilsson's smugmug photos.  Oh me oh my, I love both of these photographers' work!  
Ever since Jean's post (linked in my previous post) about things she sees on the beach, I've been looking more carefully at the world under my feet.  She had shown a purple starfish, and having never seen one, I was amazed.  Ship Rock kindly took time to show me one on the beach near the osprey nest.  He picked it up and showed me its little suction cups, and it's mouth at the center.  Absolutely fascinating.  
Wednesday was quite the day.  After spending my lunch break watching the osprey, I joined the school cycling club later that afternoon for a trip to the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve.  It was a beautiful ride, with paved surface open only to cyclists, joggers, strollers, and in-line skaters (experienced only, because of the hills). 
I took the Second Narrows Bridge home from Seymour, only the second time I've crossed that bridge on bike.  It is truly narrow!  No pictures because there is no passing room at all, and I didn't dare stop. It made me think of the Burrard bike lane, which is at least four times wider.  I'm getting used to the new trial arrangement, but am not convinced it was the best solution.  I still feel barriers alone could have solved the problem.  I stopped on Tuesday to take a picture of one of my concerns.  There are a couple of really rough expansion girder gaps.  They scare me.  With cyclists on my left speeding by, I have to keep right, and along with some drainage holes, there are two gaps like the one shown below that seem dangerous. This one is not the worst one, but it was the easiest to capture without irritating cyclists behind me too much.  I'm hoping if the trial is declared a success, that they will find some way of smoothing over these gaps.  
Wednesday evening, Bill and I watched the fireworks from a great vantage point on some steps leading to the beach from Alma Street. Black Jack is not at all afraid of the big bangs.  She sat on my knees, as relaxed as could be.  I am still hoping someone may eventually invent silent fireworks.  Many animals and birds are terribly stressed, and that makes me sad.  

And, a couple of bird shots taken on Monday evening at Jericho (with my little camera).  
After taking this shot, I read EvenSong's post, in which she had also taken some pigeons.  I guess we were both on the same wavelength that day.  It's worth checking out that link to her post, to see her beautiful foal, Jackson.
One final "oh me oh my".  I've done something to my foot.  Walking is just about impossible, and, although I managed to cycle home, even biking is difficult.  How could this happen?  I didn't even fall.  I knocked it against a whiteboard stand at school, said ouch, and then forgot about it.  A couple of hours later, it began to swell.  Please, please, let it be better in the morning!  


  1. Oh my, I hope your foot is better this morning! Fortunately, you will be able to spend time icing it and putting it up (it requires that you sit down! :) I love the picture of the boats... excellent composition! Phyllis

  2. Looks like you made do admirably with your little camera! Love the road bending off into the trees (OH! I miss the trees!)

    I'm hoping that "expansion joint" is perpendicular to the path the bikes take--otherwise it could be a real wheel grabber!

    And you should know better than to go around kicking poor innocent white boards! Really, I hope it heals quickly.

  3. Hey, your small camera did a great job! The photos were not bad at all. I know how you feel when you learned that your cam needs overhauling, same thing happened with mine and I was disappointed then when I learned that it's better to buy a new one that to have repaired because it will cost more if I have it done.

    The gap on the road will create a lot trouble if they dont do something about it.

    Thanks for visiting Coffee. Have a happy biking day! Say hi Black Jack for me!

    AL and Coffee

  4. Thanks, Phyllis. It is great to hear from you. And, Happy (very late) birthday! My foot was miraculously better the following morning, and I can walk normally again.

    EvenSong, thanks for your comment and good wishes. Much appreciated. Yes, the gap is perpendicular to bike wheels, but still scary. And yes, there is something about trees...

    Thanks, Al. Black Jack says hi to you and Coffee. I'm going to check your blog a bit later today. It's always fun to read.