Saturday, July 4, 2009

Part 3: Away

Flying to Ottawa a week ago Thursday, I took pictures from the window.  I can't look at white, fluffy clouds below me, without thinking of my mother.  She loved to see them.
I spent the night at my sister's house in Ottawa, and the next day we drove to Gananoque for her daughter's wedding. It was at a beautiful bed and  breakfast called Sleepy Hollow.  Across the road was a park with a waterfall and two swans.
No people pictures, except for this hairdo.  All the hairdos, manicures and pedicures were done at a great little salon on the main street in Gananoque.  Lovely town, and right next door to the salon was a bakery and coffee shop.  I had fun sipping lattes and taking lots of pictures.  For some reason, I have never had a manicure or a pedicure.  I seem to be missing that "get together with the girls" gene, but loved being a part of the conversations, laughter and warmth.
The wedding was in the garden at the back of the bed and breakfast.  My sister's husband comes from a family of musicians.  His mother is no longer living, but she started a family band that continues today.  One tenor sax, one electric bass, a keyboard, voices that went straight to the heart, and love songs that have stood the test of time blended with bird sounds.  The saxophone case caught my eye.  So much history there.
The garden had a little pond, and a family of chipmunks that I was never able to catch in a photograph.
The lady who ran the bed and breakfast kindly showed me the chipmunk's home, an easy to miss little hole in the ground.  I waited there for quite some time, but no luck with a photo, although I had several fly-by scampers that tantalized me.   
Lots of goldfish in the pond, and a frog to watch over them.
There were a few insects around as well.
Going home was a bit rougher ride.  I could see storm clouds brewing as I waited at Ottawa airport.  By the time we were in the air, they were looking magnificent.  

We seemed to be flying away from them, and into blue sky.  I don't usually like to say negative things on this blog, but my experiences with Air Canada have been terrible.  Westjet, on the other hand, has always treated me well.
More white, fluffy clouds and a lot of thinking about my mother.  
Flying over the Rockies was spectacular.

There were three take-off/landings on the way home,with two stops, one in Winnipeg and one in Edmonton, both in very windy conditions.  Years ago, I used to go with a friend in a small plane, even accompanying him for practice sessions when he was working on his stunt flying license.  That always seemed like great fun, but flying in jets usually makes me a bit nervous.  Strangely, taking pictures took away that fear.    Still, landing in Vancouver, the place that has become home for me, felt good.
Fascinating, how many mechanical parts are needed, just to operate the wing flaps.  Flying will always be something of a miracle for me.      
The weekend was one that will stay with me for a very long time.  I saw a little bit of the world from what I like to think was at least partly a bird's perspective, but most importantly, I had the opportunity to connect with my sister and her family and friends.  Her daughter and son are honest, fun-loving, kind human beings, and although I knew that, there's nothing like observing those qualities in person.


  1. That second picture of the stormy sky just sucks me right into it - wonderful photo!

    I'm glad you had a nice time, and the B&B wedding site sounds lovely.