Thursday, July 9, 2009


Yesterday, I finally saw the osprey nest that several people had told me about.  It was a dull day, so the pictures are very poor, but here they are.  My heart rate sped up considerably as I watched them.  A man, Robert, was there as well, taking pictures and kindly telling me what he has learned about them.  He feels sure there is one baby in the nest, although even with his more sophisticated camera, he hasn't been able to document that as yet.

Here is a view of the area in North Vancouver, not far from my school.  The mother is in the nest on the closest pylon, the father is on the next one, and way out at the end, is a cormorant.
"You get over here right now!"
The happy couple.
Father decided it was time for a nice bath.
Hard to make out which end is which, but he was having a great time.  (Clicking on the photo will enlarge it.)
Last but not least, the head.
Then off to...
...look in the window of this boat and dry off.
Back to the pylon for some more drying time
All for now, but sure hope to follow this little family for some time to come.

There were other bright spots to a dull yesterday.  There were some seagulls and some geese and one crow silhouette that I may post when there's more time.  I also saw Cocoa Chanel.  The pictures of her yesterday were too poor to post, but this link will take you to a story about her that I did several months ago.  I hope to see her again as well.    


  1. Hello there. You got nice pics of Ospreys, first time I've heard and saw. I thought it's some kind of a mammal, well now I know. Thanks for sharing and I thought the ospreys would do the summersault then dive! That would more interesting!!

    Have a nice day!

  2. Thanks for the comment, Al. I'll work on catching that summersault dive, but don't hold your breath:)