Thursday, August 13, 2009

Heron body language in human speak

There weren't many people at Jericho beach yesterday when I walked Black Jack, sometime around noon.  On our way to the rabbit bushes, I saw these two herons watching over their world.  I scooped Black Jack under my left arm, not wanting to pay the $2000 fine for dogs on the beach, and snapped photos with my right hand, as best I could.  This camera is a lot heavier than the last one (which is still at the repair shop), and the herons were entertaining for a long time.  My hand began to shake, and I finally sat on the next log next to the closest heron, putting Black Jack on my knee.  All of their postures reminded me of human actions, which I was going to post here.  However, I wondered if any readers might like to post their own captions or interpretations of the herons' body language.  I promise to leave a comment with mine tomorrow.  Note: All the pictures except for the last one are of the closer heron, and they are posted in the order taken.
14 (The only postable shot of the 2nd heron)


  1. Well, this might be a bit of a downer, but here's what I hears:

    1. We never talk anymore, dear.
    2. I don’t wanna hear it!
    3. But, dear, what’s wrong?
    4. What’s wrong? WHAT’S WRONG!?!
    5. You don’t haveta go all PMS on me. I‘m trying, here, okay?
    6. Sure you are! Like you care about anybody but yourself!
    7. Just give me a chance to explain.
    8. I’m leaving!
    9. You can’t stop me!
    10. Here I go!
    11. I’m going!
    12. See me going?
    13. I’m gone!
    14. But, but, but… Come baaack!

    [Liberty taken with which bird was speaking in light of the fact that they are mostly shots of the same bird. ;-D ]

  2. 1. To each his own log...
    2. Damn itchy ear.
    3. ♫..I'm so pretty..♫
    4. I coulda been a ballerina.
    5. You staring at me, buster?
    6. I'm having a bad hair day.
    7. And now for my flamingo impersonation.
    8. I can fly!
    9. I can hop!
    10. I can lean over and defy gravity!
    11. Oh noes, it's the Roadrunner.
    12. Shaking my booty...
    13. It's a plane, it's Superman, no it's just a bird.
    14. Do I look fat in this outfit?

  3. Sing it with me, herons!...

    "You put your left foot in,
    You put your left foot out..."

  4. 1. Honey, have you seen my black polka dotted boxers?
    2.Wait (scratches head) I can't remember...can't you find it?
    3.No. I asked you 'cos you do the laundry!
    4.It's just there, use your eyes and not your mouth!
    5.Geez, why are you so cranky?
    6.I'm just asking for my boxers!
    7.It's always this, find that for me.
    8.I'm going to the woods to find some food. And that's me again!
    9.Hey wait! You haven't told me where it is...stop!
    10. And you think you can fly away just like that?
    11.Yes...yes get a life!
    12.Go away!
    13.Oh sure...bye bye and have a nice time finding you boxers!
    14.Hon...I'm sorry...I made a mistake. I found my boxer shorts, it's on me! It's my's my fault.

  5. Wow! Thanks for taking the time to make those comments, everyone. I enjoyed all of them immensely. Here, as promised, are my interpretations of the heron body language. They're more random than EvenSong's and Al's, who both, amazingly, worked out an entire dialogue. And they're not as funny as Bill's, but they do have one connection to Carole's. Here they are:
    *This one came from ShipRock. You can check out his amazing photos here: LINK TITLE HERE
    2. "Gymnast" I imagined balancing on one leg on a log, with the other foot scratching my face, and had new respect for the athletic ability of herons.
    3."Ready to take on the world." I remembered how my 92-year-old mother used to brace herself to steady her balance.
    4. "Tightrope Walker" or "Ballerina"
    5."I dare you!"
    6."Grouchy" With wings folded in front and shoulders hunched, hair on end, the did not seem like a happy heron.
    7."Coming to get you, I am, I am.." It was the left foot reaching out that inspired this one.
    9. "Joker clowning around" Ship Rock made a comment when he saw this one, that his mother used to say that he was a joking, clowning around sort of fellow.
    10."Push off for the dive."
    11. "Take a run at it." This was very funny to watch. I'm almost positive they were young herons, still getting used to their flying skills.
    12."Do a jig. Ya put your.." So Carole and I had the same that, at least for this one.
    13."Lift off"
    14."Ballet tutu"

    Thanks again, EvenSong, Bill, Carole and Al. It was fun reading your responses.