Thursday, August 20, 2009

We wait and watch

First things first.  As mentioned yesterday, part of the fun of watching the osprey chick and her parents is meeting what I would consider to be, world class photographers.  Last evening, I met for the second time, Henrik Nilsson.  It is really worth checking out his site.  When I looked at his pictures, it was as though we had two different views, the stunningly beautiful and crystal clear one, and the "sort of like it is" one, that is all mine can be until I read the manual, something that each photographer has kindly and patiently suggested that I do.  Soon:)  Today, I will carry the manual with me!  And, again yesterday, I had the pleasure of spending time with Ship Rock.  He pointed out a jellyfish, my very first view of one.  I had been thinking about jellyfish, after reading Jean's blog.  Just as I saw starfish the day after she photographed some, her post about jelly fish was a precursor to my own viewing, courtesy of Ship Rock.  I won't put my photograph here.  It looks nothing like the real thing.  Read Jean's blog, and take time to check out Ship Rock's site.  I promise you will be happy you did. 

As for the ospreys, yesterday was a very quiet day - all day.  Or, at least, for the six or so hours that I spent watching.  Here, Mom comes in for a visit.
Here, Dad drops by.  
Here, ,you can see Dad's soft (it seems so to me) white front.
Since the chick often sleeps, and since the parents are frequently either off in the distance, or sitting motionless, I am happy to have visitors.  Here is Haley, my friend, Dianne's dog.  I love Haley, and I did a little better than usual capturing something of her beauty.
Black Jack had a wonderful time digging for crabs.  At least, I think that was her objective here.  Maybe, she had just discovered the joy of digging.  Period.
This cormorant caught the golden, evening light.
An example of skimming.  One suggestion is that the parents do this to wet their feet, so that they can cool off the chick.
I am constantly struck with the thought that certain shows of affection are universal.  A baby seal "kisses" its parent.

I have always thought there were about 30 seals in the area, but yesterday, we counted 40.  Here are some of them.
There is another osprey nest in the area.  It is too high for photos, but sometimes, there is a flyby.  Here, I believe, by the two necklaces in view, that we have two females, one from "our" nest, and one from the other nest.  I am not sure which one is which, but am guessing the one on the left to be "ours".
On Monday, Ship Rock noticed a full case of unloaded bullets on the beach.  They have since been disposed of, and I have been told they are 303's.  I don't like to think of the many possible stories behind them.
Yesterday, around noon, this hawk was seen flying really high up in the sky.  This photo is very poor, but I am guessing it is possibly a Cooper's Hawk?
Dear Bill came in the late afternoon yesterday.  He even brought supper!!  Thank you, Bill!  On our way home, I took some "truck shots" from the window.  I didn't do justice to the sunset, but I am happy to have recorded yet another beautiful moment in a magical experience.  That is Wednesday's report.  Many thanks for reading!


  1. Marvelous shots, again, Carol! I did visit both Ship Rock's and Henrik's sites. I do notice the difference in quality--I think you need to look at "depth of field" or some such in the manual--I think that's how they get such sharp focus on the primary subject (bird, dragonfly) and the soft focus in the background.
    You certainly have met some interesting and enlightening folks during your tenure as Osprey nest monitor!

  2. That photo of your headless dog made me LOL!

  3. And then there was Martin - we all came to know Martin.

    A well composed man, impressive, fine camera, 80-400mm lens, wildlife photographer. And more!

    Check out his pictures at:


  4. Oh Carol, you are becoming 'osprey hunter' lol, meaning following the whole life cycle footage, excellent shots, just excellent. And then you blow me away with the sun, amazing. Anna :)

  5. Thanks for the comments, everyone!

    EvenSong, your suggestion is appreciated. I will try to get some reading time in today. I did take the manual with me yesterday, but am always afraid to take my eyes off the action, for fear of missing something. Then, when I arrive home, my eyes simply refuse to stay open:)

    Yes, Carole, I laughed too. Glad to share the fun:)

    Thanks for the reminder Shiprock. I didn't know about the web site when I did this post, but yesterday, Martin and I spent time together, and he gave me the address. You are absolutely right that he is a remarkable fellow! I have written a bit about him in my most recent post.

    You are kind, and absolutely right that I am now officially obsessed, Anna. Always great to hear from you.