Monday, August 10, 2009

Spanish Banks and Jericho again

Bill is back from a short trip away, and with new purchases of look-alike crocs to protect our feet, we were off to Spanish Banks with Black Jack.  The tide was in a bit further than yesterday, the water somehow a bit cooler, and the ball unfortunately once more forgotten at home, so we didn't wade for very long.
We met a beautiful Newfoundland dog named Oscar.  He was only ten months old and very well behaved.  Black Jack was impressed..
...okay, not so much.
Oscar even agreed not to look at her, but she wasn't succumbing to his, in my opinion, irresistible charm.
I thought he deserved his own solo shoot, and he politely obliged.  What a sweetheart!
Black Jack, in the meantime, found a way to lengthen her neck by at least a couple of feet.
She wasn't staring at this procession, but I definitely thought the doggie in the basket was worthy of a glance or three.  I also thought it deserved to be promoted to the front position, and I'm fairly certain it agreed with me.
Meanwhile, Black Jack and Bill were exploring the rocks.  There were a lot of missing-dog photos like this.  Bill tried to help me out when he could.  
Once in a while, I got lucky..
..and captured her crazed passion for rock clambering (even if focus suffered a bit). 
Another missing-dog shot, but check out Bill's crocs.  He was almost as at home on the rocks as Black Jack.
Back at Jericho, Bill pointed out these crows.  They were ruffled and a bit grouchy but I liked them. 
After supper, we watched seagulls coming in at the fishing wharf.
This one granted me a "landing gear down" photo that I enjoyed.
The final photo of the day was of this juvenile.  
Another good walk.  It may have to do for a few days.  There is much needed rain in the forecast, and while it is appreciated, it definitely dampens Black Jack's enthusiasm for outdoor adventures. 


  1. Newfies are SO cool! I had a friend in grad school who was going to use her two as therapy dogs.

    Love the elastic neck shot; and landing gear down.

  2. Newfounland dogs, like Oscar, are an amazing breed. They have huge web feet that move in a breast-stroke manner making them ideal for ocean rescue. They may be the biggest and strongest of all breeds, yet they are very mellow and laid-back, as can be seen by Oscar's interaction with Black Jack.

  3. Hi Carol,

    Oscar is only 10 months old? My gosh, how big would he be when he reached 2 years??

    But black dogs looks gorgeous!


  4. Thanks EvenSong, Bill and Al. You all responded to the Newfie - something about those dogs that reaches out. I think, given time, Black Jack would grow to love Oscar too:)

    Glad you liked the other shots, EvenSong. It's fun to see Black Jack stretch out like that

    Bill, I always enjoy the links, and didn't know about the breast-stroke style of swimming.

    Al, Oscar's person said he will continue to fill out for another few months. Giant breed, indeed:)

  5. Hi Carol, this is Mark from the osprey nest. My flickr is mark_britc. I got a few good ones today.