Monday, March 8, 2010

Bird Looks

I was watching seagulls at Jericho on Sunday morning.

A couple of adults landed,

and then a younger one flew in to join them.

Its expression reminded me of someone looking over their glasses when they want to make a point.

The adults ignored the look and took off, flying around me, and then straight toward the camera,

before veering off to begin another trip around the dock.

Meanwhile, the juvenile peered at me, clasped its "hands" behind its back, and did a little jig.

Nearby, a crow eyed me as it snacked.

Another crow watched it and gave me that same "over the glasses" look.

As we passed by the little bridge on our way out of the park, I looked up to see this young Bald Eagle in a tree.

Talk about looks. I'm not sure if it found Black Jack more interesting, or me.

Almost 180 degrees swivel.

I walked around to see it from the front, and the gaze did not waver.

I kept Black Jack right by my toes.

Then it flew off to another tree.

Each of the bird looks played through my mind as we walked home.

I remembered that a goose had watched us intently on Saturday as well.

It had turned for a final glance just before swimming away.

As Monday morning begins, the weather has taken quite a turn. Here is encouragement for you and for me that Spring is still around the corner, just taking a little detour. Maybe, that is what all those bird looks were telling me.


  1. Did you know "Superstition states that it is unlucky to kill a gull, as these birds are said to carry the souls of sailors lost at sea."

    I never heard that until yesterday when a friend and i talked about birds and how when one close to you crosses over will come back as a bird or a butter fly to let you know they are okay. She recently lost her cat..

    I really enjoy the pictures of the birds of pray , they fascinate me.

  2. These latest photos remind me of Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Carol, and his passion for flight. Glad you’re sharing your passion for photography and nature. You amazingly get such good results of photogenic creatures that do not stay still or smile for the camera.

  3. I love the one of the juvy doing the little jig! Wouldn't you love to know what the birds are thinking when they look at us looking at them?

  4. Thanks for the comments, everyone. It's been a busy week here, with weather (my camera sat in its case from Monday morning until Friday evening) and work keeping me out of the blogging loop.

    Janice, I did not know that. Thank you! My grandfather and his sons were fishermen in Newfoundland. One son was lost at sea, and all have now passed on, so it is a beautiful thought to think of their souls living on through the seagulls.

    Penelope, the trick is to take 100's of pictures. I get lucky with some of them:)

    That one was my favourite as well, Jean, and yes, I always want to know what the birds are thinking, especially when they look right at the camera.