Monday, March 15, 2010

Birds and Blooms

It was a perfect, low key weekend. Reading, Paralympics (on tv), time with Bill and Black Jack, walks at Jericho, and enough breaks between the rain to get the camera out.

Cherry blossoms on Saturday morning.

Bill entertained Black Jack while I took pictures.

Can you tell she was keen on the activity?

We watched some seagulls. I thought of Paralympics when I looked at the one in the middle. The injury seemed to be an old one and the seagull appeared to be getting around well.

Bill and Black Jack on the fishing dock.

We watched this eagle from the dock. It was a long way up in the sky, so the camera did well.

On the way back home, we walked through rabbit territory, and saw lots of Golden-crowned Sparrows sharing in the leftover veggies brought by the two ladies who visit twice a day.

This rabbit looked new to us, but then we realized it was most likely moulting. All the rabbits appeared well fed and happy.

Further along, we saw this small hawk. I couldn't get close enough to get a decent picture, but think it may be a Cooper's Hawk. We saw it take off, perhaps disturbed by the crows, and then it did an impressive dive.

The rain held off on Sunday morning, and Black Jack and I again spent time at Jericho. The ducks and birds were very active.

This Ring-necked duck is one of a pair, still, as far as I know, the only two making their home at Jericho.

There were lots of Mallards.

Lots of Robins, too.
One Red-tailed Hawk,

was being pestered by crows.

It flew to another tree, where I was able to get closer. It gave me a quick but very direct stare, before turning back to the crows.

For the second day in a row, a Blue Heron, suddenly disturbed, flew squawking overhead. I just managed to catch a quick shot.

I had never seen Goldfinches at Jericho before, but there was a large flock of them singing lustily as they went about their work. Lesser or American or even Lawrence's? I'm not absolutely certain.
A front view.

We again spent some time watching seagulls from the fishing dock.

These two were clearly a pair, and were fun to watch.

There was an interesting interaction between these crows, with several gathering around and appearing to discipline the one on its back at the bottom of the picture. They didn't appear to hurt it, and once things were settled, all went about their business with no further arguments.

On the way out of the park, I watched two herons, hoping to catch one in flight. This one, in a tree to my left,

and this one to my right.

Here's a close-up of Heron number 1. It took off silently, just as I glanced at Heron number 2,

and was already a good distance away by the time I got the camera on it. Heron number 2 waited until I had turned to leave, before following.

The sun made a brief appearance, and lit up these flowers, as I walked home.

And, I thought the blue netting draped over a building in my neighbourhood make a lovely background for this cherry blossom branch.

I can hear the rain as I prepare to pack my bags for the trek to school. Ah well, just "light rain" they say in the forecast. Could be worse. Happy Monday, everyone!


  1. Happy Monday to you too. Beautiful pictures as usual,so clear and bright considering the topsy turvy weather. Always love the bird shots and of course the blooms as they are constantly coming and going and changing especially at this time of year.
    Love Di

  2. Carol you really inspire me with your images. The last one just did it. We still in lots of grays and snow here. Thanks for sharing, I love spring time. Anna :)

  3. Wonderful shots and a nice cross-section of bunny, birds and blossoms. What caught my attention in particular is the seagull couple. They seem to be having quite a chat or getting ready to perform in some seagull choir, with their synchronized beaks.

  4. Thanks, Dianne. You're right that the blooms are different pretty much every day - all part of the fun.

    Happy to share, Anna. I heard that there will be record highs in the east today, so that snow will be melting soon:) Thanks for checking in on my blog.

    Penelope, those seagulls were amazing. I don't think I've ever seen a more handsome pair - so very regal and also clearly communicating with each other.

  5. Very inspiring photos, such excellent shots of favorite birds (love the herons and hawks). I wonder if the little hawk could be a merlin.

    Thanks for a great post.

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    impatient to see additional of your current writing, cheers :)

  7. Thanks Carol for including us in your blog. I have added you to our favorite's list. Your photos are really great. Is it true in my assuming you live in Vancouver area?

  8. Fantastic Stuff, Carol!! You are truley Amazing!!! Thanks for sharing your talent with me!
    Tom Ackerman-Victoria, BC