Saturday, March 13, 2010


A busy week and lots of rainy bike rides meant that my camera stayed in its case from Monday morning until Friday evening.

"Must post about that" moments were fewer than usual, but the Paralympics opening ceremony, and in particular, Lucas Lazylegz Patuelli, left me inspired. This CBC radio interview allowed me to hear his voice and feel his energy. Just one of many stories and performances that will touch the hearts and minds of people across the world this week.

The Paralympics have been on my mind a lot. So much energy went into the Olympics, and rightfully so, but the spirit has to stay just as strong in the coming days. Bill wondered if the Paralympics should, in future, come first, and I love that idea. I talked with my friend, Kitty, this morning, and we agreed we should write a letter. I'm not really a petition-starting type of person, but maybe, one to bring forward Bill's idea could really make a difference. What do you think?

People in my neighbourhood continue to display reminders that the olympics are not over.
Great to see.
A closer view of this cutie.

Even the blooms seem to be reminding us that cold weather, heavy rain and strong winds are just small obstacles. I took these flowers on Monday morning, but many of them were still standing strong at the end of the week.

Yesterday, the birds sang up a storm as I biked along 5th Avenue in the rain. Since I couldn't stop for pictures, this squirrel, taken on Monday morning, will have to stand as the symbol of wildlife "getting on with the business at hand" in spite of less than optimal conditions.

Bill prepared dessert last night. Talk about brightening up the day.

Lazylegsz - the post starts and ends with him. Watch him perform at that link. Hard not to be inspired. Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. I, too, was impressed with Lucas Lazylegz Patuelli. Great link you provided to see more of his amazing performances. He must have some of the strongest arms in the world! Also, loved seeing the athletes enter the stadium and I loved the Terry Fox moments at the Opening Ceremonies … AND those kid speakers who were so confident and did their job so capably.

    My favorite photo this time around is of the lovely work of art Bill created. Looks so yummy I want to run out and buy a cantaloupe. :))

  2. Love the spring flowers! Not quite time around here, though we spotted a few scattered patches of faint yellow sown by the river yesterday...

  3. Thanks, Penelope and EvenSong. Always great to receive your comments!