Friday, June 11, 2010

A week's worth of catch-up

I've been taking pictures almost every day since the last post, and have kept adding them to this post, but for some reason, when I tried to write commentary, it didn't seem to flow. Now, there are so many pictures, I hardly know where to start. But, here goes my "catch-up" attempt, beginning from the most recent photos and moving backwards in time.

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All of the nest watchers continue to wonder about Olivia. No pictures from yesterday (Thursday), but I saw Lawrence on the nest. Suddenly, he called, and then he flew off. I felt Olivia had to be nearby, but could not see her. I did not see them together even once, this week.

Wednesday - watching Lawrence during a lunchtime walk with Dianne

Lawrence was working feverishly on the nest.

Off to get a stick

Head barely peaking through

Missed attempt to pick up a branch

Going by the barge

Feathers a bit tattered.
Lawrence is quite feisty and sometimes argues with the Bald Eagle pair.

Hand Stand

A bit of seaweed. Tattered feathers visible again.


Determinedly packing material into the centre of the nest

A look at his tail feathers
Hiding his head, but a good look at his talons

This piece of wood looked heavy
Long stick series

1. Past the flags

2. Over the rooftops

3. By the pylon and coming up to the nest

4. That stick is long..

5. Really long!

6. It seems endless!

7. Just after this picture, the stick fell in the water.
I wonder if ospreys have a "Drat" expression.
Lawrence went on with his work, seemingly unfazed.

8. The next stick was much shorter

Dianne pointed out and arranged beautiful shells while I took pictures.

Close-up of the exquisitely delicate pattern of the smallest shell in the above arrangement.

Tuesday - a few sightings during a short school break.

Jonny - identified by right wing missing feathers.

Double-crested Cormorant (I think). Note the eyebrows and blue eyes.

A bumble bee (non-expert id)

A Flicker

Tuesday evening - a walk at Jericho.

Blue Heron in the pond at dusk

Three sky shots

The Bald Eagle adult was being pestered by..

this crow.

It stood mostly on one leg, and when it responded to the crow, there was a feeling of vulnerability in its cry.

Monday morning - Olivia sighting?

Marianne and Bill were there, and they were as happy as I was to see her. At least, we hoped that was Olivia.

Necklace visible

Saturday morning - Walk at Jericho

Flowers in the lane on the way to the park

Flicker on a tree stump

The chicks have grown very quickly.
This one is already beginning to exercise its wings.

Younger (I'm guessing) sibling looks on.

A moment of sibling tenderness?

I think they were looking at Black Jack.

Felix, a neighbour's cat, greeted me when I arrived home.

Saturday afternoon - the Vanier Bald Eagle - (no sign of the chicks)

Sunday afternoon - walk along the shore in North Van.

Bill and I had fun with Black Jack.

Sunday evening- Jericho walk with Bill and Black Jack

We admired the brilliant pink in these flowers, seen along the way to the park.

Black Jack flushed out this cat from behind the bushes.

The eagle was again being pestered by crows.

A branch of a tree. Inspiration for native art?

We wondered why this lone ship was facing perpendicular to all the others.

Far away ship against a lovely sky

I am posting this on Friday morning. Today, my school is having an outdoor adventure day, and my activity is horseback riding in Squamish. I'm really looking forward to that! And, this evening, we will attend a concert given by violinist, Paul Luchkow (Bill's niece's husband), and pianist (on the fortepiano), Michael Jarvis. I'm excited about that too!

Have a good weekend, and thanks for reading.


  1. Lawrence has big dreams and must be one of the most ambitious birds around. The long stick episode is priceless! Also, the blue heron photo stuck out for me. Love the subtle blue/gray hues and smudges of orange on the bird’s beak and in the water. Also love the sunlit cat and soft sky shots. Thanks as always for sharing!

  2. Thanks for the comment, Penelope. Bill liked that heron shot too:)