Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve wishes

There are two important goals for this post. One is to beg you, if there is a spare minute in your day, to please use the blue icon at the top right of the page to vote for Turtle Gardens in the Pepsi Challenge. This is the last day (must vote before 8:00 p.m. if you are in the west), and if they can hold on to their second place standing, they will win $25,000. There are so many deserving causes, but Yvette and Dave have worked all their lives to make a difference in northern B.C. A new van to help them deliver their rescued dogs to homes all over the lower mainland, and to make that very long drive from Topley to Vancouver more safely, would mean all the difference. So many times, their old van has left them struggling, sometimes in way below zero weather, to convince it to complete the journey. A few minutes at Yvette's blog will really bring home the never-ending stress (and yes, joy as well) of dealing with abandoned and/or abused dogs.

My second goal is to say a heartfelt "thank you" to each and every person who has ever taken the time to read this blog. It is so much appreciated. I wish peace, health and happiness to you as 2011 approaches.

Okay, my last goal is to show a few of the sights as Bill, Black Jack and I walked along the seawall yesterday. It was a cold but lovely day, and the reflections were often mesmerizing.


Bill counted seven ships all lined up in the distance.

Bill told me it is bad luck to disturb an Inukshuk, but it is okay to add on to it. Then he added that he had just made that up. Growing up with a very superstitious mother, I have to beware of adding too many to my rather long list, but I liked that one.

I should know the name of this art piece, but will have to look it up later. We're off at noon today for an overnight adventure. (I'm not exactly sure where, so that will be the topic of the next post.)

Bill says "hi" and "Happy New Year" too.

My hands were co-o-old yesterday, but Bill's were toasty warm. Here, he touched the cement wall, and couldn't believe how the sun had warmed it. (I think Bill has really beautiful hands.)

There are the trees that at night, look like one big Christmas welcome. (Last picture on my previous post.)

And, this is what they looked like, just as the lights came on but before dark.

Bill has a curious mind and always likes to figure out how things work.

We rounded the corner and thankfully enjoyed the outdoor lamp heater and a latte at Starbucks before turning back to go home. The sun set very quickly. I love the palm trees against the sky.
This may go down as the fastest blog post I have ever done! It feels so good to be caught up! Have a wonderful New Year's Eve, everyone!

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  1. I think Turtle Gardens must be getting a good response because it took a while to download the site. But they are well worth the vote. Also, wanted to mention how much I admire the man in your previous post who rescued that adorable dog from certain death. Am looking forward to hearing about your overnight adventure to a mystery place in 2011. :)