Saturday, January 1, 2011

Coco and friends on New Year's Day 2011

The last day of 2010 and the first of 2011 were idyllic. It was an adventure weekend with very little planning, but every step along the way seemed designed to make my heart sing. We drove to Harrison Mills on New Year's Eve, and Bill stopped the truck the instant we saw eagles and Trumpeter Swans. Then, on to Harrison Lake where we found a place to spend the night (comfortable, spotlessly clean, reasonable, kind service, Black Jack accepted with no extra fee and no reservations!), and had a candlelit meal at a nearby restaurant. Today, after a good breakfast, we drove to a bridge over the Harrison River, climbed down to the beach for more wildlife viewing, and then drove a short distance down the road to spend time watching birds at a feeder set up by a gentleman who welcomed us onto his property. Finally, we visited Kilby Provincial Park, where we met Shirley and her three dogs. Coco, the white dog you see below, ran and ran and ran. It seemed his energy would never run out. I couldn't resist taking pictures, and want Shirley to see a good selection of them, so she can pick out her favourites. A separate "Coco and friends" post seemed best, since there were so many photos. I didn't learn the names of Shirley's other two dogs, and didn't learn any details of their stories, but all three definitely had their very own kind of perfect New Year's Day. Another post to come soon, but here are Shirley's dogs. (Shirley, double-click on the photos to see enlarged versions. Then use the back browser to return to the post.)


  1. Such vigor and sheer joy of being alive! Glad you shared these delightful photos of the playful pups. :)

  2. Hi Carol, Bill and BJ
    I found it! I like your photo diary. We are so lucky to have you here on the West Coast. After much digging, because I could not remember the day we met at Kilby Park, I was amazed at how many photos you took. The shitzu cross is Jersey and he just got a 1/4" grooming yesterday so you would not recognize him I believe. The other is Toby a miniature long hair dachshund. I have downloaded almost all of them for my computer. Is that alright? Do you use a tripod because I can't get over how clear, sharp and colorful everything always looks. They really enjoy any day we go to the park and surrounds. glad you enjoyed it out here. Shirley