Thursday, May 31, 2012

Skywatch Friday - Episode 47

*Just a note to let you know that all photos were taken in Vancouver, BC, Canada, where I live.

Last Friday evening, the 25th of May, the sky was not what could be called spectacular, but just before the sun slipped below the horizon, it struck a building on the other side of False Creek.  I must try to figure out that building's address and take a good look at it, but for now, all I can tell you is that the wall face must be made of a reflective material.  In the photo below, it looks as though it is on fire.
In this next picture, the building is almost hidden behind the trees on the right side of the photo.  However, the light was still so intense that it struck the three park benches all the way across the water.  I shot these first two photos from above the park, standing on Pacific Street, and pointing my camera between the bushes.  I was surprised that the golden light showed at all, but my favourite light here is coming from the benches. 
I walked down to the water and did a closer shot, trying to show the building and its reflection across the water.
The next day, I was walking along English Bay.  There were many, many people celebrating the long weekend, and several stared in the direction of the wispy clouds that rested against  a copper background.  
I zoomed in on that section and enjoyed the close-up view.  Mountains, copper tones, cloud wisps and boats all seemed to take on a touch of magic.
I am learning that it does not require an amazing sunrise or sunset to make an interesting sky.   As I look out my window on this last day of May, there is a fine rain falling, but there is light and there are clouds, and the sky changes depending on the direction of my gaze.  In fact, it seems to me that it changes from minute to minute.
As described in the previous post, I spent an enjoyable couple of hours on Tuesday with musician, Daeyong Ra.  
 We moved to several different spots along the water, and the clouds and light seemed to shift with us.
 Daeyong was worried that people would object to his "noise pollution", but I guessed correctly that his beautiful tone would have the opposite affect.   These kayakers gave us a huge smile as they went by, and many passers-by stopped to marvel at his talent.
The last few pictures do not officially fall into "skywatch" material, but I include them just because.  Although the skies were grey for all of the pictures, there was a kind of white light that brought out the detail in these Rhododendrons.
 A new "batch" of Cormorants have recently taken to the water of False Creek.  I know they are young because of their white breasts.  They are still working on their flying skills and I found them most entertaining.  This one was revelling in bath time.
This one plopped into the water, and I imagined it must have felt something like an inexperienced swimmer doing a belly flop.  What a splash and what a cracking noise as it hit the water.
 I was a bit worried, but it recovered its composure fairly quickly, 
and landed safely on the sculpture that sits in False Creek.  It flapped for a long time, I think trying to dry off and maybe hoping to recover a bit of dignity too.
This seagull swooped over, the epitome of grace, and I could almost hear its "pffttt" of scorn and thoughts along the line of, "Look here, youngun'.. pay attention..  this is how its done."
This plastic (?) roof rests over the lookout that faces the statuewhere all the cormorants like to rest and dry their wings.  (Only the tiniest bit of the statue is shown but it is called "Brush with Illumination" and you can learn about it here.)  The roof gives me a place where I can take pictures and still keep my camera dry.  I have appreciated it for some time, and think it deserves a place in this Skywatch post.  For other skies around the world, take a few minutes to check out some of the wonderful blog posts and photos at Skywatch Friday
 Thanks for reading, everyone.  The weekend is almost here.  I hope you have a good one!


  1. Super post!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  2. The skies over ocean never cease to captivate me - they do indeed change every minute.
    I see cormorants with their wings held out often - drying them off like that apparently also helps them eliminate parasites that can otherwise cling to the feathers and irritate the skin. Stellar jays will often do something similar, but lying on the ground, usually dusty ground, with wings spread out.

  3. really nice shots...beautiful sunset...we have cloud and rain I am wondering if the sun only shines over there.

  4. Nice to see people out enjoying themselves..and how sweet of your friend to entertain with music for free!

  5. That reflection is mesmerizing. - Margy

  6. Those skies are glorious!

  7. these are fabulous photo. the golden reflection is awesome! i like the idea of playing music at sunset.:p

  8. Shalom! Don't you just love it when distant buildings turn into giant light-reflecting mirrors?!
    Thanks for all these pictures of your beautiful Vancouver near the water.
    A body of water is the one thing that my Jerusalem lacks.
    BTW, yes, Reader Wil and I became friends through our blogs.

  9. Great captures..lovely skies and birds.


  10. Great captures, especially the water shot where the building's reflection looks like a blazing torch!

  11. From feathered ones to stunning skies, your photos are beautiful.

  12. I love those photos with the reflecting building. I saw something like that the last time I was in Seattle and on a ferry near sunset. I'd enjoy walking around the places you showed so beautifully.

  13. Beautiful shots. The variety is amazing.

  14. The sky shots are all gorgeous and I also like the people and wildlife shots very much. Great series of photographs!

  15. I'm amazed with your shots. Love the golden reflections, the birds, all of them :)

    Thanks for dropping by.

  16. Hello, Black Jack's Carol.

      Sharing a moment of peace.
      It is a joy for all.

      Thank you for the warmth of your heart.
      The prayer for all peace.

    Have a good weekend. From Japan, ruma ❃

  17. the last two pictures of the yellow cloudy sky are gorgeous !

  18. Captured so beautifully!

    My Sky Shot, have a great weekend.

  19. WOW! I love this post! Those skies are just amazing! I love the benches photo too. What a beautiful photo.

    I'm sure no one minded your friends music. I find it so nice to go out and hear people playing in the streets. What a treat it is to me. . .a none musical person. ~ But, I love music!

    I'm reading a little bit here and there about photography trying to break out of the newbie stage I'm in. . . ~ last week I read about skies and found out when skies are gray that is the best time to take pictures of flowers ~ so there you go! Good job!!!!

    Think I'll join your blog:) I love your photos to much to miss.


  20. Nice set of pictures - I like the words around the sculpture.

    It’s also a good message about the "good light" idea - you can almost always find good images if you look - not every sky needs to be on fire to get a great shot!

    Stewart M – Australia

    PS: its not the first time my wife has rescued me!

  21. Lovely series! That sheltering roof does definitely deserve a spot in your blog, since it's pretty on its own and also lets you take so many beautiful pix when it's raining (as it does occasionally ;>) in BC! The light in those first shots is incredible and it was pretty cool to see all the holiday beachgoers lined up to gaze at the beautiful sky. Great post. Thanks.

  22. Really interesting post!!!
    It once happened to me too... A building reflecting so many light to another building which was in the shadow.
    Oh, and bird watching is always fun!!!

    Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog.
    Regards from Barcelona.

  23. I like the differing light in your photos. Even on gray days, there is much to appreciate.

  24. This mix of clouds with occasional sunbeams streaking though produces amazing light onto the cityscape. I, too, love the benches touched with gold and the beads of water when the bird splashes. Wonderful captures of a weekend I nearly forgot. :)