Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tides and T-Shapes

Living so close to the ocean, my thoughts immediately turned to the tide when I contemplated the letter T for ABC Wednesday.  The other interesting phenomena that has not happened before is that I saw the shape of the letter T all around me.  

This sculpture is in front of David Lam Park, about a 2-minute walk from my apartment.  I noticed it when I moved in and see it now as a treasure. This is how it looks at low tide.
At the highest tide, all of the steps are under water.  It is getting close in the photo below.
The words on it are beautiful in their simplicity and truth.  
It takes two photos to show them.
My musician friend, Daeyeong Ra, kindly agreed to humour my tide theme, while also..
displaying his awesome trumpet-playing talent for passers-by to admire. 
At low tide, there is a feeling of tenderness and fragility in the exposed life.
Artfully arranged, it may seem that it will rest forever in that frozen state.
but the test of time has proven that the sea will flow back to nourish and transform. 
Black Jack loves to run across the rocks at low tide.  Unlike the shells and sea creatures, they appear strong and tough.
Recently, looking at the rocks, I was thrilled by the variety of colours.  
And against the side of the seawall, there were art exhibits thriving in the sun.
The terrain by the water puts me in a trance, no matter what stage the tide is in its daily travels.

I'm going to skip the commentary for this portion of the post, and let my most tolerant readers find the (sometimes a bit obscure) T-shapes that popped into my week.

Just a word about this one.  When I came across these people, they kindly agreed to allow me to take and post photos.  I didn't say a word about T-shapes.  True tale!

Okay, I admit this one's a stretch, but they toiled so hard to achieve this, I couldn't resist including it.  (The girl was being coached by the fellow, and doing these moves for the first time.
Okay.  No t-shape, but the number three is good.  Right?

Topsy-turvey T-shape.
Two mid-tide shots to conclude the post,
and a poem by Longfellow that expresses the "tumult of delight" in the tide's ability to lift the spirit.

The Tides
by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
I saw the long line of the vacant shore,
  The sea-weed and the shells upon the sand,
  And the brown rocks left bare on every hand,
  As if the ebbing tide would flow no more.
Then heard I, more distinctly than before,
  The ocean breathe and its great breast expand,
  And hurrying came on the defenceless land
  The insurgent waters with tumultuous roar.
All thought and feeling and desire, I said,
  Love, laughter, and the exultant joy of song
  Have ebbed from me forever!  Suddenly o'er me
They swept again from their deep ocean bed,
  And in a tumult of delight, and strong
  As youth, and beautiful as youth, upbore me.

Thank you so much for taking time to read my thoughts about tide.  For more "T" posts, do spend some time at the tantalizing ABC Wednesday web site.


  1. What brilliant finds in nature and your surroundings that mimic the letter “T”! And how kind of Daeyeong Ra to play a tune in aid of this post. I love the sound of a trumpet and can easily imagine how clearly it resonated in the outdoors. So many T’s to enjoy but I have to say the human ones really did impress. :)

  2. My friend,
    So many pictures to comment on. Yet, they are all interesting and beautiful. Very good post today.

  3. Oh Carol, these are delightful!

    Travels & Wandering
    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

  4. great shots, but I'm particularly interested in that fascinating shape at the TOP

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  5. That's a very appropriate poem by Longfellow. I don't think I have read it before. Lots of good T's.

  6. So many Ts around... Good shots! Cheers

  7. Thank you for all your T's. That round circular monument is very interesting and beautiful.
    Thanks for your comment. Yes, I met Dina through blogging several years ago. She invited me to come to Israel and last year I booked a flight to her country. I stayed there for two weeks. It was a real interesting time. Dina is a great guide!

  8. I love the fact that you have to get inside the sculpture to read the inscription.

  9. Wonderful sequence of shots. The sculpture is a great feature to have on the coast. All of the shots were very good and lots of T words. Carver, ABC-Wed. Team

  10. So many beautiful images. That tide sculpture is awesome!

  11. EnTerTaining photos Ms. Carol. Following your blog now.

    T is for ...
    Hope to see you.

  12. I am totally loving the pictures of the guy and girl in the park. How fun is that! I'm glad you weren't afraid to approach them. I'm a bit timid about that and need to get over it. The worse they can say is no. Thanks for stopping by.

  13. Wonderful "T" post

  14. I loved this "T" tour of your city! I have cousins in Toronto and take the lovely (and clean and quiet) train there from Detroit frequently. That is, I catch the train across the river in Windsor!

    Thank you for your comment today. I have been meaning to get to Montreal (and Vancouver). They are on my list of cities to see.

    I look forward to reading your interesting blog!

  15. The sculpture is interesting, linking the sea and the shore. You have captured the changing coastal scenes to a T.

  16. Great series of photos! With the couple, it seemed a T would have been easier:):) An applause for their effort!
    The Inukshuk sculpture looks very promising!

  17. Such a great post! Finally figured out is was Vancouver. I really want to see this statue/monument some day!

  18. Super post. I really love the sculpture and the words on it. Yes, tide is a great T word for someone who lives so close to the ocean.

  19. You have outdone yourself 9again)! I love that piece of art for the tides! Tremendously talented post, I'd say!

  20. I loved that sculpture. Clever you coming up with so many excellent examples of the 'T' around you.

  21. Loved the tide theme and saw the T shapes too, you and I seem to been in a similar theme-space this week. Thanks for sharing Carol, having some trouble with access and leaving comments while I am travelling but today worked fine.

  22. Lovely post -- certainly works well for the T day, but I don't do the alphabet meme and I still love the variety of pictures. That sculpture is marvelous, such beautiful words and so perfectly placed. We notice the tides so much more when we're on the Pacific Coast...it isn't quite the same at the beaches here in Florida.