Monday, December 31, 2012

Barn Charm on Salt Spring Island

We spent several enjoyable days last week on Salt Spring Island, eating Raven's wonderful food and taking some drives around the beautiful countryside.  Although I've never posted to the Barn Charm blog meme before, TexWis's posts have intrigued me for some time, and this barn was definitely an eye-catcher as we drove home after a pleasant visit to Beddis Beach.

This is Mr. Dodds, one of two brothers who own the barn.  He was most hospitable, inviting us in, and telling us about his grandfather, who built the barn in 1898.  He allowed me to take as many pictures as I liked so I was a happy camper, indeed.  Thanks, Mr. Dodds!
I found some information about Mr and Mrs.  A. J. W. Dodds on page 15 of this article.  They were two of the original white settlers on the island.  Mr. Dodds arrived with an M.A. from Cambridge, and taught for several years in the local schools.  I'm not sure if he was the grandfather who built the barn, but imagine he may have been.
There is a feeling of "all is right with the world" when one walks into a well-run barn.  

Mr. Dodds and Bill talked for a while, but I unfortunately missed quite a bit of the information in my zeal to take photographs.  I do know that the original Dodds family arrived via the mid-Western States before finally choosing to settle on Salt Spring Island.

The hay smelled fresh and was stacked neatly in the immaculate..

and beautifully constructed barn.
Such workmanship!
These antlers appeared to have been there for many, many years.
One last look before we said good-bye.  Thank you again, Mr. Dodds for sharing a little of what is clearly just the beginning of a fascinating story.

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  1. since tricia is taking this week off, be sure to link this up to her spot next monday!!! it is a beauty! love the logs and the age of it!!! a treasure!

  2. A well maintained barn is a joy. Barns have been such a huge part of our history and culture. Some of the dilapidated and abandoned ones seem to look more intriguing with age.

  3. oh wow, how lucky you got a tour. mr. dodd's looks like a friendly man! i love the photos and that one of the ceiling that has a "rainbow" of colors!

  4. Thanks for the interesting story and photos!

  5. What a cool barn and great story. Look at those logs just nestling together, wow. You are very lucky to get to visit and learn the history. Usually we just drive by and take a pic.

  6. 1898! Absolutely Awesome!!! I love it & I'm sooo glad you shared this post w/ us at Barn Charm! I love hearing the history of these old barns we shoot & to meet the owners is an added bonus! Fantastic old barn & love seeing the inside, too. Love it

    Thank you so much for joining =)

  7. wow, glad you linked up to BC. i enjoy seeing the close-ups of all the in's & out's of the barn & farm. ... neat!! love the tractor shot. ( :

  8. Wonderful post and pictures. Its not often we get some history about a barn.