Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Eve thoughts for Our World Tuesday

On this last day of 2012, I am thankful and hopeful.  Perhaps, that appreciation and optimism will come through as you browse some recent photos posted for Our World Tuesday.

Five Bald Eagles were above the ticket booth at the Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal when we arrived for our trip to Salt Spring Island last week.  There appeared to be two adults and three juveniles. 

A light rain and brisk breeze gave these youth a bit of a bad hair day.

The crows weren't as happy as I was to see the eagles..

and kept up a steady harassment strategy..

that annoyed, but didn't seem to discourage the eagles.  The girl at the ticket booth told me that she considers it one of the bonuses of her job that she can follow this eagle family quite closely.  She said this was the first year for three juveniles to fledge successfully.

I'm not sure if this was a young adult or one of the eagle parents.  His/her face had quite a few dark patches (it takes about four years for their heads to become white). I love this shot for the feeling it inspires of going straight into the new year with a "no holds barred" attitude.  

This was the view I woke up to on our first morning at Salt Spring.

Raven has a steady stream of most appreciative visitors to her home and she looks after them every bit as beautifully as she looked after us.  This Nuthatch was just one of many to provide entertainment while we ate our breakfast.   

We saw this Blue Jay just as we arrived at Beddis Beach for a walk later in the day.  

Even the grey day could not disguise the beauty of the surroundings.

Black Jack was having one of those days when she seemed to want to go in opposite directions to wherever Bill or I headed.

This brightly painted birdhouse was one of many along the fenceposts of a property we discovered nearby.  (more photos to follow in tomorrow's ABC post)
On the way home, we stopped to talk with Mr. Dodd, the owner (with his brother) of a barn built in 1898.  I posted about that visit here.  

Back again in Ganges (the largest town on the island), I loved the colours in this building, a home design store for Elements.

The view by the marina included a variety of boats..

as well as a bit of blue sky, an Arbutus tree and even a bicycle.

The following morning, Black Jack, like the eagle, faced "straight ahead" to 2013.  
This seal came up for quite a long look at Black Jack, and I think, listened attentively as I told him/her how much I appreciated the visit.

Mrs. Downey Woodpecker allowed several opportunities for through-the-window photos.

A seagull flying determinedly forward,

a girl squirrel named Dukie,

and a visit to Ruckle Provincial Park were just a few of the highlights of our visit.

And peeking out from that tree at Ruckle Park are..  you guessed it.. Bill and Black Jack!  No wonder I am so thankful and optimistic!  They have made this year a memorable and happy one and I can't say goodbye to 2012 without letting them know how much they are loved.  
I can't forget my family members in Ottawa either.  My sister and her beautiful first grandson are shown in this photo taken during our visit last February, but each member of the family is near and dear to my heart, and very much in my thoughts on this New Year's Eve.

Back in Vancouver, meet Elvis, another of the appreciated people in my life.  He is an ex-student and he cuts my hair. How cool is that!

I am excited to tell you that he and his wife Michelle have recently had their first child, a beautiful baby girl named Elianna.  Happy New Year to her and heartfelt congratulations to her very proud parents!  

One of my favourite Vancouver traditions is the decorating of these trees by Sunset Beach.  

Their familiar warmth brightens many hearts.

This is my second practice attempt at an inchie.  It represents my hopefulness to follow through with some goals for 2013.  Although improving my drawing is not at the top of my list, I figure any progress made will bode well for the more challenging resolutions inscribed in my heart of hearts.  The theme is "night" and I have left it in small format, as the drawing is done on a square inch of paper. Perhaps, some of you will join me next week, for the official 2013 start of this excellent inchie blog meme.
I conclude with a "straight ahead" smile from Dukie. I hope it inspires all of us to go for whatever it is that will make the year ahead a fulfilled and contented one.  

Thank you, dear readers, for stopping by throughout 2012 (and some for much longer) to read, and often, to leave much appreciated comments.  Each visit has meant a great deal to me. I know many of you will also find time to visit other "Our World Tuesday"  bloggers.  The opportunity to bring people from around the world into our lives is an encouraging sign as we seek answers to some of the challenges of 2012, while taking care to preserve and strengthen the many aspects that were good and right.


  1. thank you for your appreciation of the beauty that surrounds you and fills your life. and for sharing bill and black jack, too. :)

    dukie made my day. :)

  2. Bet Vancouver knows how to put on a great New Years show. Have a wonderful evening and a great new year. - Margy

  3. I am so glad that you had such a wonderful time on Saltspring! I love the picture of the bird feeders at the house and of Dukie! I love the picture of my bro and Blackjack! Happy New Year! May 2013 be stellar!!! Phyllis

  4. Wonderful photos! I especially loved the eagle in the first shot! Have a Happy New Year!

  5. Such a lovely variety of photos! Love the eagles! Happy New Year!

  6. Great sequence and Happy New Year. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  7. Happy New Year, Carol (and Bill and Black Jack too!). May 2013 bring many more adventures, photo opportunities, and lots of blogging.

  8. Thankful and hopeful … I can’t imagine a better way to start off a New Year, Carol. I can relate to the bad hair days (no Elvis in my life). Also love the outstretched wings of the bird. Complete abandon and ready for anything! Your “inchie” art project illustrates night interestingly … tangled and mysterious but with a significant bright spot. :)

  9. Nice write-up. Love the look of Black Jack in the header. Happy New Year Carol :)

  10. Amazing shots but those eagles take the biscuit - magnificent!

  11. what a wonderful post. Makes me want to be there. You have some wonderful bird shots. Very clear and real, makes me feel I can actually see them in person for a second.
    Will be following you

  12. What a beautiful post. I love your photo.s
    Happy NewYear

  13. Happy New Year Carol.
    Thank you for the beautiful pictures and inspiring thoughts.

  14. The black bird shots are especially stunning!

  15. What an outstanding post. Each image is a treat. That baby is adorable. The bad-hair baby birds made my night. Thanks.

  16. So many beautiful creatures and places! A lovely summary of your 2012 events.

    Thanks for your visit and comment on my OWT post. Wishing you many more blessings in the New Year!


  17. Wonderful shots.
    Wish you Happy and Prosperous New Year!


  19. Amazing captures all!!

    Wishing you and yours a delightful 2013!

  20. It has been a sincere pleasure cyber-meeting you, Bill and Black Jack this passed year, Carol. Your vision, your eye, your captures and your love of life pours off the pages and I for one really soak this up. Re-visiting Vancouver after all these years has helped me with my decision so many years ago to leave it behind. It's just one of those things, family related. Now with your presentations I will be able to see and feel those old memories that I had as I use to cycle to work on Oak and 41st, or walk the seawall, or sit on a log on Kits Beach or, or, or....thank you so much for ALL of this!

  21. Your shots of the eagles are amazing. I love the colorful building. As always your entire posts are so good.