Monday, December 24, 2012

Our World Tuesday on Christmas Eve

Hello, dear blog readers.  It is Christmas Eve here in Vancouver, Canada. I hope each one of you is enjoying the day in whatever way puts happiness in your hearts.  Here is a small run-down of a few of my happy moments in the past week.

Bill and I enjoyed a delicious meal with friends in North Vancouver a few days ago.  I loved the snowman smiling through their living-room window, and especially loved spending time with their two wonderful children.  Kids and Christmas go together in a truly wonderful way.
Looking over to Vancouver from North Vancouver,  we caught just a tiny remainder of sunset.

I couldn't believe that peeking through the trees, the Harbour Centre Christmas tree could be seen from such a distance.

This scene in the park across the street from my apartment made me smile the other day, as Black Jack and I set out for a late afternoon walk.  That little bit of snow was pretty much all that was left, though the field had been covered that morning.  These kids brought the words "good 'til the last drop" to mind.

We walked on a bit further, and found one more tiny snow remnant.  I thought it looked like a little dog sitting up ever so straight.

The last patches of light brought out branch tendrils..

a Granville Island scene, 

and a tranquil Sunset Beach scene too.

We walked by the memorial for those in Vancouver who died of Aids.  Someone had just left these beautiful roses.  I thought of the way all of us feel the first time we celebrate Christmas without a loved one.  The children and teachers in Newtown, Connecticut are still very much on my mind.  This will be a very, very sad Christmas for all of their friends and family.  I thought, too, of people closer to home.  Just a couple of evenings ago, George Stroumboulopoulos  revealed that this will be the first Christmas Eve in his entire life that will not be spent at his grandmother's house, as she passed on recently.  I could hear a little catch of emotion in his voice.  My heart goes out to each person experiencing loss at this time of year. 

This Christmas ball was hanging by the front door of a "well-worn" home on Davie Street.  I am sure it has a story that will not be revealed to me, but I will remember the warmth it brought to the street.

We saw these seagulls a day or two later.  The sun had come out for just a few minutes in an otherwise rainy day.  The adult and juvenile were on a mission that, just like the decoration, remained a mystery.  I barely managed to get the photo, but if you look closely, it seems the adult is running across the top of the water, mouth open and a certain sense of urgency in its demeanour.    

The sun stayed out just long enough to catch the beautiful wings of this cormorant.

On Friday, we attended the "Home for Christmas" concert by Musica Intima.  I loved the way they set up the stage to give a feeling of being at home.

If you are anywhere near Vancouver, this choir is one not to be missed.  What an amazing variety of music and all sung so very beautifully.  I looked up at intermission, and took this picture of the organ in Christ Church Cathedral. 

Walking home afterwards, I took photos of Robson Street,  

the Vancouver Trolley,

lights in front of the.. 

Sheraton Wall Centre,

and of the reflections in the cars that waited for their owners.

I didn't get such a great focus in this one, but loved the blue light across the plaza.

My favourite photo of all?  You guessed right..  beautiful Bill!
Across the street, the Lights of Hope at St. Paul's Hospital continued to spread their magic.

And, right on my street corner, we both admired the half moon behind the tree.

My first attempt at an "inchie" was another bright spot in the week.  I've been reading Chris's blog for some time now and really enjoy it.  She's been doing "inchies" for a long time and has a variety of wonderful ones posted.  I'm not officially posting mine yet, but will begin in January 2013.  I have zero..  I truly mean zero.. training or talent in art.  In grade 1, with 42 kids in my class (baby boomer record for that small village), my poor teacher's idea of art was to have us all do identical pictures.  She came around to each desk and placed cut-outs to be glued on our page, and told us the colours we should use.  Only the kids who produced something just like hers got to see their work on the wall. I am not criticizing her at all.  She did an amazing job of keeping 42 6-year-olds in some sort of order so that most of us learned to read and do arithmetic in time for grade 2.  I think we did art again in grade 2 (with a very sweet teacher) but by then, I was already convinced I would never be an artist, and after that, "art" was only incorporated into the odd history or literature project.  An "inchie" is just what it sounds like.  One draws according to a theme (this week is "angel") on a 1" square piece of paper.  Take a picture of it, post it on a site like Flickr, and add it to the "inchie" blog meme each Monday.  I'm not sure about the Flickr part.  I'm hoping Chris might see this and fill in the details for me.  You can read a bit more about the whole idea here.  I would love it if some of you joined me in this new adventure.

Just in case you are interested, here are the themes for 2013: Jan. 7 - star
Jan. 7 - star, Jan. 14 - girl, Jan. 21 - stone, Jan. 28 - hut
Feb. 4 - ruin, Feb. 11 - happiness, Feb. 18 - broom, Feb. 25 - street Sweeper
Mar. 4 - wave, Mar. 8 - game, Mar. 11 - glasses, Mar. 18 - footstep, Mar. 25 - map
Apr. 1 - travel, Apr. 8 - mountain Peak, Apr. 15 - life, Apr. 22 - spring Meadow, Apr. 29 - bicycle
May 6 - turtle, May 13 - track, May 20 - flowers, May 27 - melody
Jun. 3 - table, Jun. 10 - bed, Jun. 17 - light, Jun. 24 - wing
Jul. 1 - hour, Jul. 8 - a story, Jul. 15 - friendship, Jul. 22 - fantasy, Jul. 29 - wild
Aug. 5 - evil, Aug. 9 - time, Aug. 12 - gray, Aug. 19 - pocket watch, Aug. 26 - song
Sep. 2 - night watchman, Sep. 9 - car, Sep. 16 - road, Sep. 23 - gate, Sep. 30 - bag
Oct. 7 - foot, Oct. 14 - dispute, Oct. 21 - storm, Oct. 28 - thunderstorm
Nov. 4 - danger notice, Nov. 11 - mouth, Nov. 18 - old, Nov. 25 - rope
Dec. 2 - jacket, Dec. 9 - found, Dec. 16 - joy, Dec. 23 - food

And, just in case you want to try it out, as I am doing, before officially starting 2013, "night" is the theme for next Monday, December 31st.

That's it for this week, everyone.  I am thinking of my many wonderful blogger friends, as well as friends and family in my non-blogging life, and hoping each and every one of you is enjoying the season in whatever way fills your hearts with a sense of peace and contentment.  To share in the lives of people around the world,  I hope you might find some time to check out the Our World Tuesday meme. 


  1. It has been many years since I have been to Vancouver. Lovely to see some images of it again. Merry Christmas to you and yours


  2. Thank you for these wonderful impressions. Please have you and yours a great Christmas.

    daily athens photo

  3. your blog is a work of art, your creative photos are works of art, your writing is a work of Have a Happy Christmas and I think you are a blog artist.

  4. What a lovely post, lots of wonderful photos. I love all the Christmas light displays. Wishing you and yours a very merry Christmas!

  5. beautiful skies in the 2nd shot. love all the blue lights. love that you love bill so much. :)

    blessings, dear one!

  6. Merry Christmas, Carol. Your photos, as always, bring me great pleasure - from the everyday scene of children playing in the last of the snow, to the magical lights of St Paul's Hospital.

  7. Hi there - some much is different for my Christmas here in this post - but some much is also the same.

    Christmas day is well underway - I'm having a cup of tea and a little break!

    Have a happy Christmas - Stewart M - Melbourne

  8. I love reading your posts, they express so much love for those close to you and empathy for those you don't know personally. It is now evening time here in London and all is quiet. After a wonderful day the family have now gone leaving the detritus of Christmas behind. I am having a quiet cup of tea before clearing away making ready for another year.

  9. Lovely posts and your blogs and lovely pictures a delight.. I will keep all this in mine for the new year.

    May you have had a nice Christmas and your family Carol.

    Carol Ann

  10. Oh that little bit of snow does look like a small dog. Imaginations are great and most times it is right on.