Friday, March 6, 2015

A Few Fences

I expected to post to TexWisGirl's Good Fences meme yesterday, but didn't make it so here it is, one day late.  Thanks, Theresa!  I could never have guessed fences would be so fascinating.  Most of these shots have been waiting in the wings for a few weeks.  This one was taken as we biked around Vancouver's False Creek towards Granville Island.
My favourite of all, was taken at Granville Island.
Also on Granville Island, this is the gate.. 
to the Cement Plant.
This house is on Cypress Street.  I took the shot as I biked home on Monday..
from my piano lesson.  Maybe not quite your classic white-picket..  but close :)
There is a lovely little garden right next to that fence, 
though it isn't yet at its peak of beauty.
A reflection shot with some fence details along False Creek. 
Took this one outside the Baptist Church on Burrard Street (more shown in previous post).
As we walked home, the light caught the Law Courts building across from the church.  
This isn't clearly a fence shot, but architect, Arthur Erickson's design is an interesting one for sure.  You can see better photos and find more information at this Wikipedia link.
We often walk through this tiny little park (Helmcken Park).  Several fences to be seen,
and I like the light in the window, though I wonder how residents felt about the (very talented) cyclist traversing the (empty) fountain, with friends videoing and cheering him on.
Yesterday, we took Black Jack to see a new vet.  The goal was more a second opinion than anything else, as our present (traditional style) vet has served my previous dog and Black Jack well.  The new vet combines traditional with holistic practices, and gave us some good suggestions for supplements that I will share here in a future post if anyone expresses interest.  We arrived over an hour and a half early (completely my mistake).  Poor Bill, but he didn't complain!  We took the opportunity to walk through the East Vancouver neighbourhood.  Some streets were very, very noisy, but just a block or two away, we found relative peace and quiet.  Busy or quiet..  it was all good to Black Jack.
She enjoyed the visit immensely, and as you can see, we even found a fence. 
Though her knees have issues, she is once more pain-free, and as you can see, stands upright at the drop of a hat..  well, treat :)   
I know this fence has seen better days,  
but I liked it just the way it was. 
This post at the edge of a property really caught my eye.  It seemed that someone.. 
must have poured pink sprinkles all over it.  I searched a bit this morning, and wonder if.. 
the rock might be Rhyolite.  Whatever its name, the crystals were lovely in the sunlight.
As always, many thanks for stopping by.  Have a very happy Friday!


  1. lots of different styles of fences from wrought iron to wood slats to white pickets, but i have to say, the cement truck gate was AWESOME! :)

    good luck with little black jack's supplements!

  2. Hello Carol, wonderful variety of fences.. The cement truck is cool. I hope Black Jack is OK, she looks great.. Have a happy weekend!

  3. Late can be plentiful and beautiful fences you added. I enjoyed.

    Happy weekend.