Monday, March 2, 2015

Some Good Times in Vancouver

Posting some enjoyable times in Vancouver to Sundays in My City, with many thanks to Claudya (Unknown Mami).

This tree was overflowing with blossoms when I went for my piano lesson..
at UBC last week.
The petals opened up avenues of thought, as did Bogden, my teacher.  I am so very fortunate to have time and energy to explore music under his tutelage and insight. 
Before the lesson, I wandered about the campus grounds.  It is difficult to make them out..
but in the background is a long line of parked bikes, a happy indicator of perfect weather.  
I have enjoyed Rodney Graham's art a few times, but had not looked at this piece, though it is very close to UBC's music building.
I skimmed the info you see here but really didn't take it in,
and confess that I judged UBC to have misspent what must have been quite a sum for this work, titled Millennial Time Machine.  However, I took some photos, loved the reflections, and only after studying those at home, noticed the camera in the top left corner.
Then, I went back and read the information much more carefully.
There was way more to think about than I had realized and I was reminded of a lesson that applies to daily life but is so easy to forget - do not judge without full knowledge.  Even then, a flexible, generous and open mind is far more likely to be enriched than a judgmental one. 
I rode my bicycle to the lesson.  It's an uphill ride, but that makes the return via Cypress Street all the more fun. I was reminded of my bicycle commutes before retirement..
and how I looked forward to the ride down Cypress Street's bike lane on spring mornings, because the cherry blossoms always seemed to open there first.
We met Molly during an afternoon walk along False Creek's walkway.  She was practicing Capoeira, and told us..
it is a Brazilian martial art usually done to music, and combining defence with dance moves.
She was generously allowed me to take photos..
and really put her heart into showing us..
a sport that she clearly loves.  Thanks, Molly!
This video will give you a great idea of the music, the instruments and the moves that make this such a beautiful sport.

We have had some lovely days in Vancouver and it's great fun to people-watch around the parks and beaches.  These young people managed to put the tiny space..
 under the Cambie Bridge to very good use.  How the fellow in the white shirt balanced..
 on that tiny A-frame (even for a second) is a total mystery to me :)
I continue to be fascinated by water reflections..
because they are never, ever exactly the same.  
This juggler was also enjoying a spot under the Cambie Bridge.  I loved the fluidity of his..
motion - it seemed like we had gone from one dance performance to the next without paying a penny for the entertainment. I learned that his name is Matt Majid and he has been practicing Elite Bartending for eight years.  Here's his twitter account.
He loves this spot by the playground under the bridge because of the recycled rubber surface.  Very important when your juggling items are the ones used to mix drinks.  The noise factor, the rain-protection granted from the bridge, and the entertainment provided for children make this an ideal place to hone his skills.  
We met him a second day and this time, he shook Bill's hand and took the time to talk with us about a few of the things that give him great pleasure.  I'm going to make this a to-be-continued topic, as his story of a little boy and his mother really touched my heart.   
More about Matt to follow soon.  Many thanks for stopping by.  The sun is shining here in Vancouver, as I hope it is in your hearts, regardless of the weather.  Have a happy Monday! 


  1. always love your reflections! enjoyed the blooming trees, too, as ours got frozen out and snowed under last week.

  2. Hello Carol, I am just amazed at the blossoms.. so pretty! The Capoeira is a neat form of dancing, cool video.. I love the water reflections, the colors and lines almost look like art. Happy March, wishing you a great day and week ahead!

  3. Exuberance for life is all over this post. I find UBC to be a bit of a maze but I love it there. Your trip home through the street lined with breathtaking blossoms and all the motion-filled shots, including artistic reflections show why outdoors is the place to be, thanks to Vancouver’s consistently wonderful weather this year!

  4. Wow, those are such beautiful blossoms! And it's a funny coincidence that you saw Capoeira, because when mum and I were in Wellington last weekend we saw some people practicing it as well on one of the pedestrian roads.

  5. I enjoyed the reflections! The blossoms are a *gorgeous* breath of spring!! Here we are still dealing with snow.

  6. Did you know that artist David Hockney has written a whole thesis on how he believes that many of the great artists used a camera obscura to help them with their art. He got mixed reviews but honestly he makes some very strong points, that I think I agree with him. (He gives examples from rel paintings, showing how many of the models are left handed and edges of tables tend to fade away, It's really interesting and I'm no art history buff. I was only interested at first because I know his brother quite well and anyone who can sell his paintings for $6 million dollars must know something!

  7. Gotta love all the colours!

  8. So much to like about this post, but in particular I'm grateful for the reminder to keep an open mind.