Sunday, March 1, 2015

Oranges Spotted Lately

Catching up with a few photos taken over the past week with a little or a lot of orange content.  All in honour of Maria's blog meme, Orange You Glad It's Friday.  Many thanks, Maria, for your faithful efforts to keep this happy meme going.

With lots of sun lately, people have been enjoying Vancouver's False Creek. 
 Always love reflections.  This wheelbarrow was on a False Creek wharf.
 We visited the Vancouver Art Gallery on Tuesday evening.  More about that in another post, but walking around to the other side of Xu Bing's..
 lightbox brought us to quite an interesting..
 array of items.
 The few spots of orange in it really brought life to the work.
Regular readers will know that we spend a lot of time at Harrison Galleries.  This piece by Olaf was receiving quite a bit of attention from one customer and I wondered if it would be there the next time we went.  It was :)
 This window display caught my eye during one of our trips to Granville Island
This fellow was walking with his two dogs through Olympic Village Park.  My attention was really on the dog, loving his enthusiasm for the orange cone, but Bill noticed the tattoos on the young man's face.  On looking at the photographs later, I felt some concern and sadness for every member of this little ensemble.
 I know I will think about them for some time to come.  
Back again at Harrison Galleries, Bill, Black Jack and I had a relaxed and peaceful visit yesterday.  We enjoyed our treats, did the crossword rather more easily than usual, and browsed happily through art books.  The page is open here at a work that Bill liked by Henry Clifford de Meillon (1800-1858), an English-born South African painter.
 I'm not sure why it makes me smile when Bill looks over his glasses that way.  A couple of days ago, I took a photo of this Wood Duck, and thought they had similar expressions :)
There are only faint hints of orange in the above two photos, but this work by Min Ma, also in an art book at Harrison Galleries, had some wonderful detail in the orange grasses.  This web site will take you to more information about him, showing his use of the colour orange in many of his landscape paintings. 
That's it for the colour orange this week.  Many thanks for stopping by!