Thursday, January 22, 2009

CoCoa Chanel

Today, I left school to get a latte at Thomas Haas.  I try to limit myself, but it's difficult.  Great lattes there.  One day, I'll do a post about Thomas and his phenomenal staff.  

With just a little bit of time to spare, I thought I would do a quick walk around with my camera.  A voice came from behind me, "Run, hide."  A split second later, Cocoa came barreling around the corner, and crouched down.  Do you remember hide and seek games as a kid?  I can still feel the suspense and anticipation as I raced off, trying to find the best spot in the least time, and then giggling as silently as possible as I listened to the seeker either coming closer, or heading in the wrong direction.  Well, Cocoa oozed that same drama and pleasure I remember.  Here she is, convinced she's well hidden, and listening to Josie approach.

Josie was surprised Cocoa wasn't upset by the camera.  Apparently, she normally hates them, but the difference during a game is that she is oblivious to everything but what counts - the hide and be found.  In this close-up, you can see her white eye lashes.  There's also a hint of black eye-liner, but she must have forgotten to finish the job, probably in a great hurry to play her favorite game.  (Josie, if you're reading this, click on the picture to see it enlarged.)
This was the only time I saw her sit.  I can't remember if she was asked to do this, or if it just happened.
Here, she is poised and waiting for the "go hide" command.
The next three blew me away.  If Josie gives the "go hide" command and adds, "slowly", Cocoa Chanel goes into a slow motion, I mean really slow motion, version of her race away to hide.  It has all the excitement of the speedy version.  Honestly, it was stunning to watch, each step deliberate and calculated.  She seems to enjoy this every bit as much as when she is racing.  

She even turns in slow motion.
Cocoa Chanel is three years old, and Josie has had her since she was a pup.  When I asked how she trained her, Josie sort of laughed and said, "She trained herself.  You know how you tell a pup to come find me?  Well, one day, she decided to reverse that game.  She thought I should go find her."

I loved meeting both Josie and Cocoa, and hope I'll see a black and white streak flash past me again soon.  I wish the food lady could see her.  I think they'd have a lot of fun together, and it sure would be nice to see some professional quality pictures of Cocoa Chanel.  


  1. Look at that tail! It puts Willow's to shame. Border collies are, of course, the awesomest.

  2. What a stunning dog!! I love how she turned the tables on Josie to make Josie do the seeking.
    Border collies are the best (according to my Charley and Sadie)...but we won't tell Black Jack that or we might get banned from the blog!

  3. Funny, Jean. We must have been leaving each other a message at almost the same moment in time. (The time on my computer is correct as it appears to me, but it posts incorrectly.) Yes, I wouldn't want Black Jack to hear your and dp's comments, although I wouldn't worry too much. Probably, she'd simply assume you're both deluded. She doesn't seem to suffer from any lack of confidence:) I did really love Cocoa Chanel. She is as sweet and smart as she is beautiful. If I can ever figure out how to do a video, and if I ever see her again, I'll try to capture that slow motion trick of hers. It's really something to see.

  4. Cocoa is gorgeous! She looks a bit like my brother, though he hasn't got the half-black face. Beautiful girl!