Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Catching up (a little) for Our World Tuesday

I am catching up with quite a backlog of photos and events that feel important to me.  This was taken in Jericho Park on June 7th, about a month after Bill came home after his surgery.  Bill commented that seeing his "normal" appearance in recent photos is always a surprise as, in his mind, the inner self does not match with the outer picture.  As you can see, Black Jack sees him as she always did.  So do I.   
Black Jack has two "TV screens" at Bill's house in Point Grey.  This one (photo taken June 11th) looks over the front lawn, and though she is napping here, I can tell you that she spends many hours checking on the neighbourhood cats, dogs, squirrels and people.  I don't have a recent picture of the back view.  It is slightly less used, but she runs between the two windows quite frequently, something I think of as changing channels.
On June 14th, we again walked at Jericho.  This photo of Bill and Black Jack is another favourite of mine.
I love this tree and thought it looked especially beautiful in the evening light (on June 18th) when Black Jack and I walked near the Jericho Sailing Club.  
On June 20th, The Bike Gallery set up a care station by Trimble Park.  I use my bike almost every day and really appreciated the free brake check, chain oiling and helpful attitude of..
these friendly gentlemen.  Black Jack enjoyed meeting them as well.
I took the next photo minutes after the bike check.  It shows one of several community gardens near Bill's house.  Neighbours volunteer to take over their care and put a lot of time and effort into making them beautiful.  I am deeply appreciative of their efforts.
Paul (Bill's nephew-in-law) is on the left in the photo below.  He is a fine violinist and does a concert series each summer with his friend Michael.  This was the first musical performance that I had attended without Bill since meeting him.  I loved the concert but after it finished, it took Paul's beautifully tuned sense of humour to bring me to laughter.  When I asked if I could take a few photos, Paul used Michael's head as a prop for his violin.  Then, his..
early music specialty was transformed to a hoedown that made all of us laugh, and none..
with more hearty enthusiasm than Paul himself.  He is a beautiful person and one of my favourite comedians!  Thanks, Paul!
Two flowers to conclude the post.  This one was in the lane behind Bill's house (June 26th)..
and this one (June 28th) was one street over from his house.  We've had a summer to celebrate this year.  This past July has officially been declared Vancouver's sunniest month ever!  How about that!  No wonder the flowers are so happy!  To learn about the weather and other events in the lives of people around the world, you might want to check out the Our World Tuesday blog meme.  It's an excellent one and a great way to take you on a world tour without leaving home.  Thanks, as always, for stopping by.  


  1. July must have been the best month ever for bicycling! Oh how I like the strong shades of the flower in the last photo. It pops out like smiles on the musician’s faces. That is momentous being there without Bill for the first time. Next time he will no doubt be there.

  2. What fun times! I like the community gardens, too. We have several here and they are always beautiful. Most of the flowers come from neighbors who are separating their perennials.

  3. i love the laughter of the 2 musicians. :) and sweet black jack and her tv screens. too cute!

  4. Black jack sure has it made, comfy spot and tons to do with trails all around

  5. Beautiful locations! I find myself sneaking pictures of Lorne a lot lately wherever we are and whatever we're doing. I want to remember all these moments because they might be the last ones - sounds morbid, but I want to look back and remember all the good times. I'm still optimistic but believe you have to prepare for the worst while you hope for the best.

  6. Hi Carol, thanks for taking us into your lovely world. I was charmed by Black Jack and I really love her TV screens. You're surrounding is beautiful - the gardens, the parks as well as the people.
    I hope Bill is feeling much better.

  7. Thanks for sharing your beautiful world. I have a nephew living in Vancouver, and one of these days my husband and I are just going to have to go there for a visit! Take care.

  8. The photos of the musicians certainly put a smile on my face. Good to see the photos of Bill out and about with Black Jack. Hopefully he will be by your side at the next concert.

  9. Thanks for sharing how the two musicians had so much fun playing! And the last flower is bursting with color - amazing!

  10. I always refer to the two "channels" by their network names: TFS (The Front Street) and TBY (The Back Yard). :-)

  11. Catching up as well.....
    Hi Carol. It is 'funny' how we see ourselves isn't it....inner and outer selves always at odds!
    BlackJack looks very settled in at Point Grey and look at the views!!
    We loved biking in Vancouver....such a wonderful bicycle-friendly city! Even back in the 70's!
    Bill's nephew and friend glow from within. Their music must be wonderful.
    Now to the previous post and then to the latest....see you soon.