Friday, August 7, 2015

Fences, Oranges and the letter D

Here are a few Depictions of Developments over the past few Days, to celebrate the letter "D" for an ABC Wednesday Post.  Many thanks to Denise Nesbitt, creator of this Distinctive meme, to Mr. Roger, the Dynamic administrator and to the Devoted volunteers who encourage us with their kind comments.

I am linking up to two other memes today.  There are so many shots with orange in them, and since it is Friday, it seems a good time to post a few to Orange you Glad It's Friday, with many thanks to Maria for hosting.

And last but Definitely not least, I think there's still time to squeeze in under the wire for TexWisGirl's Good Fences meme.  Thanks, Theresa.  The photos for that part of the post are near the end, so feel free to skip down to those. I know you have a great many posts to read.

I put this next photo first.  An example of Dexterity and Dynamism, this Debonair fellow was also very obliging.  Bill had spotted him as we walked along a Downtown street.  He was just putting something in the garbage can, but nonchalently performed this stunt as though it were the easiest thing in the world.  I had missed seeing it, but Bill asked him if he would do it again, and sure enough, he did it twice more, just so I could get the photo.  Thanks, Dude.  I hope it is okay to call you that since we didn't learn your name.  It is meant as a compliment for sure!
Last week, I forgot to post this photo of a Woodpecker, seen in the shadows of a tall tree.  The photo quality is poor, but perhaps, it could have been a Downey.
Some of you might have heard that we are in the middle of quite a severe Drought in Vancouver.  One would never know that by the gardens at Stanley Park,
but these Downtown bushes that we passed a couple of Days ago are proof.
Orange You Glad It's Friday (next 14 photos)
We were at the vet's office picking up Dasuquin (joint supplement that is still working very well for Black Jack) and had to admire this cat behind a glass in the boarding section of their facility.
There were a few interesting Dogs and other critters..
to Delight Bill and Black Jack while we waited for our order to be completed.
I forget where we saw this but it is Decidedly orange (and beautiful) too.
Bill took this shot as we walked home from Harrison's Café.  Can't name it, but if anyone wants to help us with ID's, we'll gratefully say "thanks" to them.
This piano is Downtown.  I've shown it before,
but I think the Details in it..
Deserve a second.. 
Display.  It is part of Vancouver's "Keys to the Streets" program. 
We are not fireworks fans, but we walked to a quiet street away from the Droves..
of people, and caught these Daedal images (new word for me means..
"formed with art, Displaying inventive skill" as Defined at the Phronistery site).
This is about a minute away from our Domicile.
This flower at Olympic Village Park was so Dramatically beautiful, I just had to include it.
The Drama, "Irrational Man", the latest Woody Allen movie, was Diacritic (another new word for me that means Distinctive and/or Cool).  
I took this screen shot just because the two main stars Drove their bikes along a path in this picturesque scene.
Here are two more of those just-couldn't-leave-them-out blooms seen..
on a Downtown street.
These two Daredevils were pretty good at what they do, but Bill and I thought..
they should have Donned protective wear.
This is among the last of the Passion Flowers in the only spot we have ever seen them in Vancouver.  Just loved the Darling Details of the pistols and stamens.
Another new word found at the Phronistery site is Dinomania.  It means a mania..
for Dancing.
Bill, Black Jack and I found a shady nook to watch..
some very Devoted..
The musicians were Dashing too.
Vancouver has been celebrating Pride week lately.  This Demure smile..
opened up to my request (demand :) for a photo.  Doncha love it?
Harrison's Café Dedicated their sign to the spirit of the week too.

"Good Fences" Depictions below
From our roof Deck, Bill and I..
stood, looking over the fence.
It wasn't a Dramatic sunset, but it had a certain Docile charm. 
The same evening, a few minutes later, we walked along False Creek enjoying the Desultory atmosphere.
We've been watching this construction site for quite a while.  Here's the progress, and a look at the inner workings of an elevator shaft, 
as viewed through the blue fence. 
Safety guidelines amused us.  Especially number 8. 
This Daedal art piece (remember that word?) was at Vancouver's Art Gallery.  
This was our second movie in a week.  Mr. Holmes is the story of the Sherlock Holmes character in his Dotage.  I caught fences in some screen shots again. 
The Dover countryside sported a couple of lovely stone fences. 
Wednesday evening, we attended an Early Music concert, at the invitation of Bill's nephew-in-law, Paul.  Sadly, I took no photos except for this one in the UBC campus as we walked to the bus, feeling that it had been a Darned good concert. Sorry, our "D" vocabulary is Declining rapidly.  Note that Bill is doing his best to spur me on. 
We walked by Drill Hall yesterday.  Does this qualify as a fence? 
Here is a bit of information about it. 
Ah..  a fire escape fence makes it officially fence-worthy. 
Later, we watched Canada's first election Debate with our friends Kitty and Jock.  As you can see, Black Jack was terribly Dejected and Depressed as no one invited her to vote.
Our four main contenders are, from the left, Justin Trudeau, Elizabeth May, Tom Mulcair, and Stephen Harper. 
It will be a long campaign as the vote will not be until October 19th.  As you can see, I had to run into Bill's arms to make it into the timed shot.  It looks like he's in pain, but not to worry, we all had a great time.  Immediately afterwards, we..
rushed next door to The Roundhouse to hear counter-tenor, Reginald L. Mobley with Alexander Weimann, in a varied musical program that ranged over the centuries from Handel to Sondheim.  We stayed for the talk-back and.. 
loved the Delight in Mobley's face as he told us the story of the Day he Discovered he was a counter-tenor.  Okay, we are officially out of ideas for the letter "D" so Bill and I will sign off now. Thanks for stopping by!  Have a good Day!! 


  1. lovely skies and blooms and water scenes. i liked the squiggly fireworks shots, too. cute kitty cat! looks bigger than black jack! ;)

  2. Definitely
    post of
    Danny MacAskills
    Dubious politicians
    Dancers (stole this one from you).

    Dang - what a nice post!

    Peace :)

    1. You inspired me to look up Danny MacAskill.The Inaccessible Pinnacle videos left me with a Dazed and Dazzled feeling! Thank you, Chandra!

    2. Another DELIGHTFUL post of your DAILY DOINGS in DOWNTOWN Vancouver, such a vibrant colourful city, I love the way Bill holds Black Jack so tenderly in his arms, such DEVOTION!
      Best wishes,
      ABCW team.

  3. Hello Carol, this is Definitely a Delightful post. I love the flowers and gorgeous views you have from your deck. The kitty is cute and I always enjoy seeing you, Bill and your sweet Black Jack! Have a happy weekend

  4. Wow! You have been Decidedly busy lately in order to bring us so many great D shots! I talked about our Drought in my post this week, too.

    abcw team

  5. Wow there was a lot going on here. - I always enjoy seeing Black Jack and of course you and your hubby as you travel around. You find a lot of great things to share and today was no exception.

  6. I looked at my devastated drought struck front garden today, I had definitely been neglecting to water it, so I deluged it. The first orange flower is a Tritoma, Red Hot Poker, and the second is a Phygelius, Cape Fuchsia, beloved of hummingbirds. Your post delved delightfully into the doings in Vancouver, so many diversions, and pretty fireworks displayed.

  7. You have been busy....thanks for sharing your slice of life♪

  8. Captivating collection!!! Kudos...

  9. LONG campaign? NOTHING like the Persidential zoo WE have in the US!
    We have a piano in downtown Albany, NY for people to play!


  10. wonderful and many pictues again... that piano, i love it, would like to have it here ;-)

    Melody (abcw)