Sunday, August 9, 2015

Reflections, geese, a fun hairdo, a talented skate boarder, and other Vancouver sights.

All photos today come from our walk yesterday along Vancouver's False Creek, through Andy Livingston Park and along downtown streets to the Buzz CafĂ© at Harrison Galleries.  Posting to Sundays in my City.  Many thanks to Claudya for hosting!

Reflections in the waters of False Creek are always fun.
 I thought I saw a bird trying to make its way out of the mouth of an Orca here.
 Six geese flew in for a landing.  I caught three of them as they approached.
We thought the geese wanted to join up with this lone goose, but they ignored each other.  Perhaps these two (I think that's a mallard with the goose) were happy being loners together.
All six here, after they landed and regrouped.
 I was using my 150-500 Sigma lens and was too close to get all of this goose in..
 the frame but always love seeing the detail in wing feathers.
 Also love the proud, chest-out, wings back pose.
 And then there were three happy loners :)
We enjoyed meeting this amiable fellow.  His mohawk cut includes some of my favourite colours and and I asked if I could take a photo.  He was fine with that and very patient when I had difficulty getting the camera set up.  For some reason, the flash came on and over-exposed shots were the result.  I saved those to post tomorrow for Smiling Sally's Blue Monday meme.  
 Bill and I remark over and over again that 99.9% of the people we meet are kind. Talking with them often stays in our memories and becomes part of the pleasure of the outing.  This fellow had been carrying his jacket, but Bill..
 asked him to put it on for the photo.  He smiled and obligingly did as requested.  Here, he and his friend continue on their way, jacket once more removed.  If you would like to admire his hairdo in an overexposed shot, come back tomorrow :)
 When we arrived at the park, we found that the water over this fountain had been turned off because of the drought.  We had never seen it without water.
 There are a few places that put Black Jack into a frenzy of investigation.  This park is one of them. 
 Bill humoured her as much as possible, but finally had to..
 use his calming technique to..
 settle her down.  Well, sort of settle her down.
 With my big lens still on, I caught this shot down the hill at the bottom of the park.  It is a well used park, with many taking advantage of its comfortable places to meet and talk/drink with friends.  Sadly, just three weeks ago, someone was murdered in the park.  You can read about that here.  Fortunately, because of the sharp eyes of regular park goers, the perpetrator of this crime was caught and is now awaiting trial.
I put my Sigma 17-50 lens here, wanting to show the fountain area without water.
 And, I figure a little balance work..
 is good for all of us, so Black Jack and Bill were encouraged to..
 explore the terrain.  Some day, I'll show you my own balance work, but I guarantee, it's not as impressive as Bill's :)
I had seen this skateboarder when we arrived in the park, and finally asked him how he would feel about my taking photos.  As with the other gentleman, he was friendly, obliging and a pleasure to meet.
 Talented and graceful as a dancer,
he and his pal were enjoying the terrain and the day.
 I admired his board and he took a moment to allow me..
 to see some of its interesting details.  In some way, it reminds me of my reflection shots at the beginning of the post.
 His friend was taking pictures as well.
 That step up to the ledge looks so easy when he does it..
 but I am not fooled at all.  As much as i would love to try it, I know that feat will remain in my day dreams only.
 Remember what I said about the grace..
 of a dancer?  Even when things didn't go as planned,
 he made it look good.
 Going along the ledge was not a challenge for him.  Landing on his board..
 and then continuing on to..
 lift up,
 flip the board,
 and land again was the goal of the day.  Out of what I would guess to be no less than a hundred tries, he managed twice (that I saw) to achieve his goal.
This last shot was not one of his successes, but I like the way it all lines up.  He told me that he and his friend are thinking about riding their bicycles to California.  I sure hope they achieve that goal, stay safe, and have a lot of fun on the way.
 Bill offered to take the camera at this point and most of the rest of the shots are his.  This is in China Town.  It was the panda that first caught his eye.
 We often have fun window shopping.  We liked this bureau..
 and declared the studs on this leather couch to be Harley Davidson themed :)  These were tough shots with so many reflections, but they evoke fun memories.  Can you make out Bill's reflection?
 At first, we thought this person (I think it was a lady) was painting a mural but then we realized she was pasting large photographs on the side of the building.  I think it may be part of a Jump for Joy project. 
That small lens (17-50 mm) is able to take in a lot of territory.  Here's the full length of the wall.
 And here is the closest shot we could get with the little lens.
 I took the camera back for this final shot.  This leaf was lying on the sidewalk and I thought it one of the most beautiful I had ever seen.  Bill picked it up and gently placed it on these bushes so that it wouldn't be trampled.  Isn't it lovely?  That concludes today's post.  Many thanks for stopping by.  Have a wonderful Sunday!


  1. I do so love tagging along on your adventures. Thank you for reminding me that most people really are quite kind, generous and wonderful.

  2. Hello Carol, awesome reflection photos. And I just love all the geese shots. The balancing looks like fun for the whole family. The painted skateboard is cool. I do enjoy seeing your city thru your eyes and photos. Thanks for sharing, enjoy your new week!

  3. Your reflection photos are very beautiful ! The Punk looks funny with his green hairdo, I wonder how it looks early morning !

  4. I always feel as if I have been on your adventures! Hugs, Phyllis

  5. Stopping by from sundays in my city.
    What a great time. the way you tell what you have been up to, feels like i could have been right with you.

  6. I love the reflections in the water. This is so much fluidity in this post and proof that the human body is designed to move and be tested. The little leaf and the end and the dry weather is making me think more foliage will be dropping off soon and we are about to have an early autumn.

    My heart goes out to the family of the poor individual that came to Vancouver and lost his life. His was an early autumn and I can only hope that they find some peace.

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