Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Our Vancouver World Yesterday

I am posting to Our World Tuesday today, the meme that takes us into the lives of people from across the world. It was founded by Klaus Peter over three years ago, and originally titled My World Tuesday. When Klaus died, volunteers honoured his memory by continuing to inspire us to see and share the wonder in our immediate lives. Many thanks to Arija, Gattina, Lady Fi, Sylvia, Sandy, and Jennifer for the fine work they continue to do to keep Klaus Peter's original idea alive and flourishing.

Our day yesterday was a full one, one of many when I have to pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming. Little things went right, like going back to the exact spot in Stanley Park where we had left Black Jack's tiny water dish the day before, and finding it still there.  Bill and I were happy to find it, even though it is just a plastic container.  But it was the big things, the being with someone I love, the beauty around us, the feeling of inner peace that I recognized and appreciated.  Those things are truly precious.  
 Two horses came by.  Their names were Tex and London.
 The one on the left was Tex.  Yes, Theresa, I thought of you :)
 We had planned to walk along the seawall, but Black Jack was determined to take us into the gardens.
 She did something neither of us had ever seen before.  I had trouble catching any sort of photo, which is why that tree is lying on it side, instead of standing upright.  In truth, there was not time to prepare, I just tried to catch something as Bill reached to help Black Jack in case she fell.
 Bill figures she climbed up about five feet.  Neither of us had ever seen her..
 do that before.  What I love in this third photo is the pure enthusiasm in her face.
 We continued on through..
 Mary and Ted's Rhododendron Garden.  Even with the drought, there was..
 beautiful greenery and some bright colour too.
 It was just after passing this beautiful flower..
 that I spied a hummingbird in these bleeding hearts (?).  He left before I could catch a photo.
 Bill took care of Black Jack and we waited and waited, hoping he would return.
 He  didn't, but that was okay.  We had had the privilege of seeing him, the day..
was beautiful, and all was right with our worlds.
 We were really curious about these orange berries growing from some ferns..
 so if anyone is into plant identification, we would, as always, be most grateful..
 for any help to figure out what they are.  Here's a closer look at the berries.
 I hope you are not phobic about spiders.  I like and admire them, though I don't like to be bitten by them.
A young couple went by and I admired her mermaid tattoo.  She was from Germany and I believe he was from Sweden.  We had a short but warm conversation with them that I remember with fondness.  They were enjoying a return trip to Vancouver after spending a few years here when they were younger.
We walked out of the garden to a few lone trees reaching above the greenery to rest against blue skies.
We both noticed this husk (?) on the ground.  Bill saw it in the shape of a woman.  I see it now rather like a mermaid.
Bill held it so that I could take a photograph.
Then I saw just a bit of orange coming through the husk under her shoulders :)  That's when we realized she was related to the berries viewed earlier.
Bill placed her gently against a tree away from the path.  She blends in so nicely, it may be hard for you to spot her.
We returned to the seawall where I enjoyed the silhouettes of cyclists and runners getting the most out of the day.
A cyclist sat for a moment by the ocean and a small boy had the ride of his life.. 
(I'm thinking) and families and friends on the beach did whatever they felt inclined to do on the beach - what a life!
Reading aloud to each other later in the evening, we didn't even have to rise..
from the living-room couch to catch the colours in the sky.  That was our world yesterday.  Many thanks for stopping by to share in it.


  1. It is good to remember the good things made by the people all the time. As you said you had a wonderful day.I understood it by looking at your pictures. Have a nice time...

  2. this surely sounds like a wonderful day.

  3. The flowers look so colourful and beautiful.

  4. Hello Carol, I enjoyed reading about your day. You had a great outing with Black Jack and Bill. I think Tex would like her namesake, pretty horses. The flowers are gorgeous and I love the sunset, a beautiful end to your day! Have a happy Wednesday!

  5. Those berries look like Jack-in-the-Pulpit berries to me, though I'm surprised there isn't any evidence of leaves left.

  6. gorgeous blooms. i love the tattoo. i wonder how difficult it is to be a police officer on a horse. i have never ridden a horse. so not easy for me. i see biker cops all the time. i would wonder which they would prefer if given an option? ( :

  7. Thanks for sharing your wonderful day. Do you think Black Jack was after a squirrel. The flower is a fuchsia (perennial type) and hummingbirds seem to love them. Perfect days we are having.

  8. Beautiful day you had. Thanks for sharing your day!

  9. Thanks for the nice trip ... again I looked to Vancouver ... at least virtually. I wish you a beautiful day,

  10. Hi Carol,
    The look on Black Jack's face is priceless - brilliant capture of a special moment!
    I like the husk - mermaid or otherwise :)
    Thanks for the views of the beach.
    This post is almost like looking at a catalog - the pictures are so inviting.
    Another day, enjoyed to a great degree, by enjoying the great outdoors and nature.
    Have a Beautiful Day!
    Peace :)