Friday, January 1, 2016

A few fences and a some thoughts for 2016!

On Wednesday, when Bev, Mary, Bill and I walked and talked together, we laughed a lot (previous post), but when we stopped by Harrison Gallery's cafĂ© for delicious food and more conversation, there was a serious moment as well.  Bev's words of wisdom were to "live every day as though it could be our last."  That clichĂ© is one of those that I would appreciate someone whispering in my ear every hour, if not every minute.  Yesterday was a good day, but if it had been my last on earth, I would have replayed parts of it.  I suspect that is true of most of us on most days, so my wish for all of us on this first day of 2016 is not, as I planned when I began the post, for good health, or happiness, or love or even peace, but rather for the capacity to live honestly, kindly, fully..   minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day..  with no regrets when we review our actions.  Below, a beam of yesterday's sunlight falls across False Creek. Perhaps, it symbolizes my "aha" moment.  If you look carefully, you will see a fence in the background, and that brings me to Theresa's Good Fences meme.
There were lots of fences to admire as we went about our day yesterday, and as has frequently happened over the past months, I thought of Theresa when I noticed them.  Fences represent more than one might first think.  Keep out, keep in, stay safe, step over the gateway into my world..  goodness, there's even a movie called "Good Fences" that I just discovered.  Theresa must have suspected the appeal of fences, because her meme is extraordinarily successful.  Stop by for a visit, if you have a few minutes, meet Theresa and gain a whole new perspective on fences.  You may find yourself not only returning to visit but posting photos of the fences in your world as well.

Vancouver's sun yesterday sent False Creek reflections..
to travellers on the Cambie Bridge..
and walkers/bikers along the seawall.
It was cold enough for warm clothes, bright enough for shades or hat brims, and..
cozy enough for my dear Bill and Black Jack to snuggle and bask in the sunlight.
I joined them, camera in hand, gazing over the fence to catch reflections of yachts whose owners dreamed of being a free spirit..
and high-rises wiggling and rippling their way to the depths of the creek
We walked on, stopping to watch the always entertaining cormorants.  This one posed demurely on one of the bases of the "Brush with Illumination" sculpture (shown in yesterday's post).
Above him/her, a new arrival (front, left) forced the others to adjust delicately balanced positions.
I would love to know the family connections of the cormorants.  Perhaps, a parent arrived to deposit a tidbit of food in a youngster's mouth, or perhaps, a juvenile was saying, "Look Ma/Pa, I'm getting pretty good at this landing thing."
Whatever the relationships, I'm pretty sure all the cormorants were loving the..
opportunity to dry their wings..
and feel the sun on their chests.
Bill and I wondered if the seagulls were as blinded by the sun as we were and laughed at the thought of outfitting them with visors.
A flock of American Wigeons grazed in the grass above False Creek.
There always seemed to be one standing watch.
My challenge was to catch the green patch behind their eyes that flashed only for a second when the sun caught it in just the right way.
Someone let their dog run free and at a signal from the watchduck, heads raised in unison and wings flashed way too quickly for my camera..
as they made their way to the water.
You are probably wondering about the fence theme.  Below is one glass panel from a decorative partition (sort of a fence) outside our building.  From second..
to second, the colours shifted, depending on the sun's angle against it.
Behind the partition, berries climbed the wall.
A lone sparrow sat on a branch, perhaps wondering it the berries would make a good snack.
Those were a few things and thoughts that caught my attention yesterday.  Thanks for letting me share them.  Here's to a day lived fully and kindly.  


  1. i loved the views thru the 'keep safe' railings to the sea. :) lovely post, carol and lovely photos, too. thank you for your friendship and good soul.

  2. Good thought, and great reflections!

  3. Great thoughts for the past, present and future...Happy New Year!...:)JP

  4. Strong post with a good lesson. There are signs all around us that each moment could be our last. The trick is to get comfortable with being mortal and to not let fear, worry and regret spill over and drown the joy of living.