Friday, January 8, 2016

Good Fences

Two posts in one day, barely ten minutes apart!  What can I say except that I didn't want to miss Theresa's Good Fences meme.  It is such a fun one and I have fence photos building up from as far back as October 25th.  Thanks, Theresa!  Let's see if I can catch up to the end of that month.

This is Bill in George Wainborn Park.  The fence is a beautiful stone one, but is..
hidden behind what I thought was beautiful foliage.
Here it is from the other side.
 As we walked to Harrison's that day, we had to take a few minutes to check out..
 this construction site.  There are almost too many fences to count.  They're not pretty but I do find them fascinating.
 Still on the way to Harrison Galleries, this is one of those that we've passed..
 many times, but it only called out to me that day.
 This one, is on our street, just before our building.

October 26
The next day, I took these at Stanley Park.  Can you see the little bridge in the distance?
 Here's a close up of it..
 and here it is again at a leaning angle with a seagull adorning it.
 I've shown this one before.  A fence around the swimming pool by Stanley..
 Park's English Bay that seems new in different light.

October 27
You've seen this one more than a few times as well.  It is by Coal Harbour.
 Reflections and autumn colours made it irresistible (again).
 And yet two more that you've seen  many times, this one by the rowing club,
and this one by the beach.

October 30th
At Granville Island the next day, we looked across False Creek, enjoying the autumn colours along the bike path.
We looked at the boat houses that day.  I'm not sure I'd want to live in one of these, as so many looky-loo tourists hang out there in the summer time..
but it was fun to look more closely at the convenience of having a sailboat at your doorstep.
These people even have a roof patio.

October 31st
These last three are minutes from our apartment.  Again, it's the reflections..
and fall colours..
that I'm hoping you might enjoy.
Thanks as always for stopping by.  I'm going to spend the evening writing you comments as we are on our way out to mail Christmas presents (not kidding) right now.  See?  At least I'm consistent :)


  1. the colors and reflections are refreshing to see! nice to look back and appreciate them more now that we're into grayer days. :) love the stairway gate.

  2. Lovely to see Vancouver through your lens.

  3. Lovely photgraphs.I especially liked Stanley Bridge

  4. Great array of memories that wooden bridge!...:)JP

  5. Hello, great fence series. I like the rock wall and the views of the water and Stanley Park. It is always nice to see your Bill and Black Jack! Happy weekend!

  6. The water reflection by the rowing club is such a beautiful shot!! I be they would love to have a copy. And I really like that circle gate fence - very unique.