Thursday, January 21, 2016

Early November Fences and a January trek.

I have some Good Fences photos to share, today, with TexWisGirl's meme. Thanks, Theresa! Your meme definitely encourages us to keep an eye out for fences (and walls and gates and railings) around Vancouver.

Here are a few from November 5th, 2015:

As Theresa pointed out a few times, it is often not the fence but the changing view in front of or behind it that makes it photograph worthy.  You can just make out a tiny portion of the seawall in the bottom right hand corner of the next photo.  The tide was quite high and we were amused at this fellow walking on a pole. 
He did very well, I thought.
He made it to a comfortable rock where his friend recorded the moment.
Black Jack watched the fellow as well.
Then she had a great play in the sand.
These stone steps lead to the bike and walking paths and to some wooden fencing that appears from time to time along the trail.
From our spot on the beach, it was amazing how many fences we could see.
Bill found this pole and had a momentary urge to test its weight.
It was pretty heavy..
but Bill is pretty strong!
A bit further on, this fence encloses the food and washroom area as well as the swimming pool by the ocean.

It was a couple of days later (Nov.8, 2015) when I took photos of the pool, and beyond it, the ocean.
Even in dreary weather, that pool, fence and reflections..
are often fun to photograph.
It was hard to stop,
but I finally made the water slide my last shot.
On the way back to our bikes, Bill suggested to Black Jack that she walk the fence (okay, the slackline), and because she trusts him totally, she gave it her best shot.

I have a bit of a plan (tentative at best) to show some catch-up and some recent photos in each post, so here are a few more current shots taken a week ago.

Dec.13, 2016
Our friend, Jock, had told us that a King Tide was to arrive in Vancouver and he even sent a little schedule so we would know the best times to view it.  We walked across the street around 8:40 in the morning to look over False Creek
The water was the highest we had ever seen it.  There had been one time before that had come close, but that time, we had still been able to use the walkway along this section.
This time, the entire walkway was flooded so we had to walk along
the ledge above the walkway.
Some American Wigeons had gathered in front of these steps.
Later in the afternoon, I took a photo to show you how the walkway usually looks.
We had decided to walk the route that we usually ride.  We admired the Heather in front of this fence.
There was quite a stretch of it to admire.
Just before the Burrard Bridge, we always enjoy this water spillway.  The sun had come out, there was a seagull at the top, and our shadows made us smile.
Here's a closer view of our shadows and the colourful stones under the water.
The approach to the Burrard Bridge is littered with fences.
A restaurant is behind the fence on the right.  We passed it and went around..
the corner like this random cyclist I happened to catch.
This is the view from under the bridge just a moment later.  The blue sky was stunning and I loved the tree (that I cannot name) at the right.
We let Black Jack have a run on the beach.  Here, she is leaping over a log (sort of a fence) to return to us to tell us to hurry up and join her.
Then we turned up Bute Street and admired this little community garden.
Someone had clearly invested a lot of love and labour in this beauty.
One more view to show the finer details.
The next fence we spotted was just around the corner.  I sentenced Bill and Black Jack to five minutes in the doghouse just for the heck of it.
Help!  Let us out!
We walked from there through Davie Street Village.  Note the rainbow colours and the fellow running..
with his dog.
We continued past a picket fence with a welcome sign, 
and a dog park with a..
community garden in front of it.
Behind the fence, we could see the dogs playing "King of the Castle".
I am going to close with a couple of amazing heritage homes with fences galore and Christmas lights still bringing cheer to the day, even in mid January.
The house next door also had a delightful star under the top eave.  Thanks for joining us on our fun walk.  Bill says "hi" and I say "bye" and Black Jack says "bow wow" for now.


  1. always enjoy your seaside living. i like black jack in her black jacket, too. :)

  2. Great variety of fence shots ~ all very creative ~ love the dog in one of the earlier photos!

    Happy Weekend to you ~ ^_^

  3. I'm a real fan of the heritage houses, the curves are so elaborate. You can certainly see the caretakers of the gardens are doing a good job. I've been away for awhile, I lost one of my precious sisters on Thanksgiving to heart disease and diabetes complications. It has taken the wind from my sails for some time but I am getting better, so many things remind me of her. Hope you are enjoying your walks.

  4. My Way! so MANY wonderful fences but my favourites are the shots you took through the fences especially theones with reflections seen.

  5. Hello, great collection of fences and photos. Black Jack is always a sweetie, I love seeing her running on the beach. Wow, that King tide is really high. Awesome reflections! Great post! Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  6. The heritage house with the big brown wrap around porch caught my eye too. It stands tall and proud like a well-maintained work of art. I am also completely impressed with Bill being able to lift up that super towering pole without both toppling over. Good going, Bill. :)

  7. What a fun post. The shot of Black Jack running on the beach was so cute. - I enjoyed all the great fences your found, The ones with the reflections through the fencing were so crative. That pole looked pretty heavy, Bill must be strong. Cool looking homes you found as well.

  8. Great post! Love seeing the areas I used to walk through.

  9. I like your dynamic photos. I'v never get bored looking at them. And I adore the dog's costume. It's really stylish!

  10. A very jolly post! King tides are always very exciting and seem to be getting higher every year, alas. Hugs for you and my kooky brother. I am sure there was something for which he deserves time out!