Saturday, March 21, 2009

Color Break

On Thursday, I was craving color, and on Friday, after a very soggy ride to school in the morning, sun finally broke through the grey.  When I left work at the end of the day, I rode without gloves for the first time in several months.  Even the rain pants, that had been necessary all week, remained in my pannier.  A little breeze behind me, just about time for sunset, a song in my heart....... somebody please stop me:)  Just to say, "It was all good."

A version of this bridge shot was posted in my "Crow Whisperer" post a few days ago.  It's posted here to show the cables, and a bit of the structure, because they appeared from different angles in Friday's photos.

After crossing the bridge, I can choose to take the route through Stanley Park, or stay on the causeway.  On Friday, for the first time in a while, I took the park route and stopped at Prospect Point lookout.  The sunset was by then at its peak.  Looking North-East, I couldn't take any full shots of the Lions Gate Bridge, because a huge portable, construction fence had been put up as a safety barrier, while work was completed on the other side.  I resorted to taking pictures through the little square openings between the thin bars of the fence.  The crows had gathered in the trees and their antics were, as always, interesting to me.  In this one, the crow on the far left, at the bottom of the picture, seemed to be humbly accepting a scolding from the two perched in the corner.  I watched those three crows for some time, and the lone one never challenged the others, but went through several postures, all appearing to me to be apologetic in tone.  Later, on looking at the photos, I noticed the bridge cables in the background.  
Again, through these sunlit trees ( extraordinarily beautiful to me), the bridge cables are picked up by the zoom.  I know my camera is not an elite or perfect one, but its capabilities still amaze me.
Here, another part of the bridge forms a little cathedral to frame the crows.  Bill and I were trying to identify the buildings in the background of this and the photo above, but the camera (or more likely, my skills) didn't allow a clear view. 
The view from the other side (north-west) showed, I think, Bowen Island, as seen from this map.  The sunset was too bright for my eyes, so I used the trees as a shield in the next two photos.

It is amazing to me how the temperature can drop in a matter of minutes.  As I stood there, enjoying the views, I suddenly realized I was freezing.  I wanted to take a couple of pictures further along my route home, and started off, still without gloves.  By the time I reached this view of English Bay, there was no feeling in my fingers.  I took one shot, put on my gloves, and headed along Beach Avenue to the Burrard Bridge.  I stopped at a Starbucks just after the bridge to have a poor quality latte, but more importantly to warm up, before the rest of the trip home to Point Grey.  It's amazing how good even a second-rate latte can taste, with your hands cradling the cup for warmth, after a cold ride.
Near the corner of Macdonald and 8th (the cycling route), I stopped again.  I had noticed, during the morning ride, the first bushes with full-out blooms, ones I had missed the night before in my search for color.  One shot, to record that color.  Some young people came around the corner, just as I was taking the picture (with my flash, since it was completely dark by that time.)  They at first looked at me like I was crazy, but I pointed out the blooms and they took time to admire them with me.  "Bring on summer," one of them commented, as they continued on their way.
This last photo is of a flicker, a bird that still makes my heart beat faster every time I see it (which lately, is quite often).  I took it through our front window on Saturday afternoon.  Even through a ton of Black Jack's nose prints, the red at its throat is brilliant.  It seemed to be enjoying whatever grubs or worms live under our front lawn.       
The weekend is flying by, and the trip to Victoria with my school band fast approaching.  Still some last minute things to do, and tomorrow, we will meet at school at 6:30 a.m. so this will probably be the last post until Thursday.  Hope Jean enjoyed her weekend in her new house, dp got the horse shelter anchored, and life will go along in a good way for any other much appreciated readers who stop by.


  1. I love the "cathedral" shot, and the one with the orange sunset, two shots below. And what a lovely close-up of the flicker!

    I did have a good weekend, thanks -and I hope your school trip to Victoria is a blast. I sure hope you get enough of a break from the kids to be able to enjoy all the flowers that will be in bloom there.

  2. Oh wow I really like the bridge photo with the green frame, and you got it in the evening. All images are so cool, like the bird photo too - I like birds! Carol, thanks for sharing, you got some good stuff here. Anna :)

  3. Looks like you guys are starting to get flowers blossoming already! Seems like it might take longer here... bleh. hehehhe

  4. Great to have you back were missed!

  5. Thanks, Jean. I did enjoy the flowers, especially some lovely blue ones in the park (didn't post the picture, but may, to see if you can identify them for me), and of course, the cherry blossoms.

    Thanks Anna and Berenice:)

    Yeah, Nev. It does take longer in Ottawa, but I can promise the tulip festival will be amazing.